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Cross co express-1 key or 2.55 ref
made man-1 key or 2.55
unusual tossle-2.5 buds or maxs head and 15 keys
genuine set-offers
ornament armament-3 ref
front runner-4 keys or 10 ref or a front runner with black paint OFF the hat
i also have the cosa nostra cap so if anyone wants to buy the set i have it--offers
leave offers here
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steaming baker boy for tossle?
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Interested in ornament armament, would be paying with key + metal.
Economic Barbarism
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I don't have keys or metal but I do have a Silver botkiller flamethrower you may have, in trade for the Cross comm express
sorry i got rid ofit :/
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.