hey, instead of me clicking "show" on all the hidden posts, can you tell me what the CO for this set is in buds?
^^Sorry about that Steven. I thought you said the whole combo is 10 which made me angry. White combo is 13 buds. Phantom is 6
how much is the noh mercy
Look at my post above yours.
Long thread - maybe consider splitting ;)
I'm content with the set. If I can't sell it all together, I'm happy to keep it.
Makes sense to you :) gl m8
Thanks. :)
Storm phantom and 20 keys for phantom combo
^ see what I mean
Doesn't really bother me. / No thanks to the offer. Not sure what you meant by combo in the end there. I wouldn't trade the phantom alone for yours +20 keys.
I understand m8 - ;) gl
hearts spartan plus sweets just for phantom, sry I can't offer on set. either way gl trading
No thanks.
besides the ghost phantom, have you tried any other phantom on? im planning to get a 3rd for my combo
.. still not splitting? If you split them they will sell. You're expecting someone to like this combo as much as you do and most cant afford it either :)
no BO either.. or CO .zzzzzzzzz
I'm too lazy to go through and list c/o's. I'm kind of burned out on trading and trade not to make profit but get something I like. Crazy I know.
Vivid plasma towering pillar and small sweets for the set.
...You are seriously overvalueing your hat.
d00d both you shut up small sweets means (3 hourwars) but you didn't let him finish :p
WOW. That looks amazing!
Okay, reoffering: A beams tree and 1 bud.
For the white enrgy set.
Team Captain with N&B for Noh Mercy
Purple Energy Honchos + Hearts Kabuto + Hearts Ze Goggles
Hey man, interested in Vivid Plasma Phantom for 2 of your unusuals? Tanks.
You're insane.
1 week later you haven't sold a thing - still not gonna split them? I know it's white energy combo but the Chapeau aint a great IMO. I'm interested in the Noh Mercy and 'maybe' the Phantom. I can pay in buds or cash or unusuals but expecting someone to buy stuff they don't want and dont like just because you've made a combo means you're gonna be stuck with these a long long time. I still can't understand why you have to sell them as a combo anyway, unless of course you're just showing them off rather than having any intention to sell? You still haven't set a BO either so I'm guessing this is gonna be a waste of time?
17 buds for the Noh Mercy - keep the phantom and chapeau
sponge, you are dead retarded hahahah. Laissez-faire
Will do a little price checking and get back to you around 7 pm pacific. Love the hat, really dislike the effect.
zzzzzzzzzz longest no sale on OP ^^
Looking for another so if I don't reply in 2 hours just retract my offers. tnx and gl
Well I don't get home until late tonight. I'm doing everything through my phone. 17 buds sounds great for the noh mercy.
burning blighted beak(12-13buds)