Oh man!
This trade was closed due to inactivity of 1 week or more.
That's a cool bot :)
~ One of the few to use this first :)!
This actually works pretty well, I bought 2 paints from it! :D
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this is cool :P
bought a muskel, epic bot! bookmarked :D
.66 for Color No 216. :)
7 weapons + a few crates for brown
Bot takes forever. :L
I want buy Muskelmannbraun
really handy bot just got 3 paints off it thankjs
awesome bot
So legit, + Rep
orange for 1 ref
2 rec + 6wapon for orange ?
haunted spy soul for 2 mann co oranges
nice bookmarked
Awesome! :D
All of my love.
I just lost all my metal. This bot is slow.
added for ticnture
Im bookmarking the shit outta this, i just need metal for dat slate
you should add more paints :p
Hm. Good Bot. Got Brown Paint From It :D
sexy as fuck, ty man
Wow, it worked, Epicly made :O
Ahh Jessecar, you're such a great programmer.
Make a hat-selling bot! :D
i second that
I don't plan on doing that. It would require lots of programming, more BP space, and way more metal/keys from me. Thanks for the feedback though :)
i will buy the musk paint
this is so cool
You should put: Zephinian's, Indubiatly Green, Aged Moustache, Noble Hatter's Violet. And maybe infuture Pink as Hell/ Lime. ;)
I hid all of the comments who tried to write the exclamation-marked-commands here, because it was misleading, and spreaded like a virus. I don't know why some wrote here, the bot is NOT connected to the Outpost in any way.
This is a really cool bot with nice prices! However, I do have one question - how can you trade if the bot is a F2P account? Is it the same as the nametag glitch?
As of December 15, 2011, "Players with free accounts can now trade items that have been traded to them. " see the wiki: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/December_15,_2011_Patch I didn't heard about the nametag glitch, what is it?
For some weird reason, dropped nametags can be traded out of F2P backpacks. I don't know why, but it happens only with name tags.
Ah i see. It's actually not a bug, it's the way the Item Schema is written. Many items have "always tradable" attributes, for example dueling minigames, and paints, as well as name tags. :)
I've always found that to be really strange. But by any means, this is a nice bot; good work!
Very cool bot, I'd like to see more paints like Indubitably Green, Zepheniah's Greed and Aged Moustache Grey, I'd definitely buy one of these. But I guess asking for a Distinctive Lack of Hue is too much :P
Thanks for your feedback, it seems that i soon have to figure out some command on the Zepheniah's :D !add greed is weird, !add zepheniah is too long. As for the black paint, yea, it's kinda expensive, but we'll see :) If there's demand for it, it may get on the list
Why not just "Zeph"? :>
GENIOUS guy ...
such a Great bot !! used hem alot :P
thanks bro
add me for 1 purple
nice trade bot :D
whoa this is really cool!
Team Spirit, Balaclavas Are Forever and Cream Spirit :D
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I think this is lacking in some serious Gold Paint power!!! D:
coolest bot ever
I vote for Team Spirit but for 3,33 and for gold paint
The friends list is full :(
Wow, I wasn't aware of it, thanks for the information, gotta remove some. Also, I had some trouble with my internet connection, which just solved a few minutes ago, so it was completely offline yesterday (and most of today here, UTC+1))
I've removed some by hand, later if i will have some free time (maybe next week) I'll implement a function to auto-remove friends to stabilize the number around 225.
This seems abandoned. I want to buy some paint D:
I have no time this week to refill it constantly, so for now, it depends on people who sell paints for it. But people don't sell too often :(( Maybe i should raise the price, but that means that the selling price raises as well.
i want aged grey and lime and pink :D
i vote grey to be 1,11ref
and lime and pink both 2,55
btw, you should perhaps raise the key value to 2,66 or something near there XD
Prices are not up for a vote :P Thanks for the suggestions though.
couldnt lime and pink atleast be same price? They are like from same crates and value is same.
also same price in store :P
Prices of various items usually don't follow the store's prices :P They are influenced by many factors, like supply and demand, etc... Anyways they're just approximate prices, actual prices will be specified when i decide to add them to the list.
Im impressed, this trade and bot itself has been running over half a year, gongratulations!
buying orange
buying Zepheniah's Greed
I hid all of the comments who tried to write the exclamation-marked-commands here again, because it was misleading, and spreaded like a virus. I don't know why some wrote here, the bot is NOT connected to the Outpost in any way.

Super nice bot, really, Bravo for programming :DDD
also, do not forget to empty his bp, cause it cant trade anymore ;P
it should work until 100 items, at least it could hold up that much so far
oh ok, i thought it was 50 items, sorry, i thought f2p had only 50 items :$
Also, ill vote for green and moustache grey :P
Works great!
Wow! That is one great bot you got there!
Added for muskelman
Added for purple
You should add Tinge paint! ;) Nice work so far though!
wow, you deserve a medal! instant trade and no hassle
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WOW :D how u did it dude
added for 216
added for 216
I would vote for black and gold paint :D
added for slate
!add purple
This is amazing bought 1 paint
Hey! Who's Hogging The Bot >.>
i love this bot alot but i can never use it cause it alwasys seems to be out of stock
I'm really sorry for hearing that, but i can't pay enough attention to it, as i have to learn a lot for my exams, and it seems that it is mostly me, who fills it up with paints. I thought about rising the prices, so that way more paints should come in, but that means higher selling prices, which i know many of you don't want.
personally i think you should raise buying and selling prices resonably. i bought a deep comitment to purple for 1.33 and was perfectly happ with that price. if you had more buy/sell activity you would get more metal anyway even if it was at a lesser profit. whatever you do or choose not to do its still a very well made trade so best of luck
Full Friendlist :l
216 how much? 0.44?
Great but please restock bot inventories
Noo Out of orange ! T~T
I feel your pain
Like a deep commitment to purple... Not the paint though...
2 orange plz
Love it! Gonna use it for trading from now on!
this thing
is so awesome
you deserve an award for making it
pl0x restock <3
Nice bot... I vote lime, pink, and gold... But if I must pick one then lime :)
still have slate?
It's all out of paint :(
Any chance you'll have more paint in stock?
I'm looking for a Muskelmannbraun.
I've issues with restocking recently, so the bot mostly relies on YOU, users of it.
How do you sell paints to the bot?
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/6167291 basically just invite to trade, put up your paints, hit ready, and it pays you in metal. you can exchange paints in one trade too, so you can pay with paints for paints :) also do you still need the muskelmannbraun? i have one in my stash :)
Nope, I already got one. How much does the bot pay for paints? Selling prices minus a scrap?
Yes, except for the purple.
Great bot, fast and easy trade :D
you won't get a response, it's a bot
It's out of 216 :(
please restock :O And also, holy shit, this bot is so nice.
i am buy Color No. 216-190-216 0.55 add me
His bot system has ruined him because he has not updated prices OMG
And it's totally empty right now...
i have no idea what's happening with the prices, they are skyrocketing for some reason :S I'll try to re-stock some paints, and update the prices in the next few hours.
does this bot run ontop of steam or does it run standalone? and what language did you code it in? thanks :)
From the bot's profile page: "This bot uses SteamBot made by Jessecar96." I didn't program it myself, i just modified the code. You can find the source code on github. Anyways it's a standalone .exe, written in c#.
thanks for taking the time to reply. I have nothing left to offer but my feedback: I had been looking for purple paint for 2 ref, added about 4 people and noone replied.. then found your bot. Needless to say, your bot is now the first port of call in the future.
needs a restock of paints :(
that's kind of always a problem. seems like i'm too cheap :P
tell me when you restock, ill buy ALOT of paints for pure :)
aded for the orange
Awesome bot!!
Add more Radiggan please :/
Awesome work !
Youre out of EVERYTHING.
SobeeLAN|TradeBot: Ye Olde Rustic Colour (rustic) : 5 SobeeLAN|TradeBot: Peculiarly Drab Tincture (drab) : 7 SobeeLAN|TradeBot: Muskelmannbraun (muskel) : 5
your out of 216
also, can you add aged moustache grey to the list? plz+ty
add gold paint
there is no more 216 paint can you add more plz
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this is awesome
thanks dude
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Value of Teamwork
Coolest thing I've seen in a reasonable amount of time.
Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. thank you so much for this, you sell the paints for a decent price and giving an exellent service while selling it.
Please add team spirit
Works very well, just bought some Radigan Conagher Brown paint for my Brutal Bouffant, fastest trade I've ever had. Also, would love to see An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge and Team Spirit paints added.
Nice and easy... nice work with the bot!
can you load the bot with more paint? I'm trying to get some zeph paint ;-;
you need more slates...
  • Don
Dude this is awesome, great idea!
could you add lime/pink please?
Nice bot!
Did you learn to make this bot from any websites that I can take reference of to make my own? If yes, can you link me? Thanks!
dayum 216 is out D: I WANT IT :(
it's a very sought-after paint, i kind of never have enough of it :D
:( When is the earliest that it would be available?
its out of muskelmann NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
!add pink
Very awesome! Fast and easy! Recomended+++
Holy shit
Great bot +rep
1.33 for slate
no more paint?
Seems to be out of paint for a while :\
It's a wonderful idea, besides that I have to send trade to it, but as a suggestion, could you possibly stock more often on the cheep paints like 216 or purple? Because it's been a while and the Bot still doesn't have the paint I'm looking for.
Yeah, I know. :( Things have changed a lot, and I have to re-think this whole thingy, the prices, figure out what to do with the tremendous amount of refined which stocked on it, to turn them into paints. It was quite easy when it bought hats for 1.33, now it just sits there :(. I'm afraid, that if I change back to 1.33, I have to raise the paints prices, and nobody will take them :(
Trials and errors I guess, still an awesome bot, but anyways, yeah I'd really love to buy 216 paint at this price just because everyone else is making HUGE unfair prices. This one is half-decently nice and humble. What I could suggest, is you evenly distribute the amount of paint for the bot, and have a little chart that graphs what is sold most and what is not. If paint buys more, spend more metal on that paint, same for the paint that doesn't sell much, buy small amounts.
This could be tricky as (i really hope) i'm not the only one who fills it with paints, so counting in and out would require a little coding, but i can tell you, that i can't have enough of pink/lime/216 :) They go almost instantly.
People actually buy 216?!!? ...well, tell me once you've got your 216 paint in stock, I'm so excited in painting my cancer-killing Ushanka :D
got your paint? it still have one :)
Paint isn't there o.o
very nice system going, definitely going to buy from you and probably in the future as well
Ill trade a sharp dresser for ur Slate
4 ref for 2 purple and added
Amazing bot. It's just out of stock
  • Der
Friends list is full...
Friends list is full just saying
i'd be really interested in making something like this for stranges. can you tell me what api/language you used for this?
I used Jessecar96's steambot, which is written in C#. You can find the source code on github.
no mann's mint?
freinds list is full..
This is fxxking awesome
That is beautiful
when will he get some more 216? :p
Great bot, i had small troubles with it but that came out of my stupidity.
10/10 would trade again.
1.66 for slate!
Very well done :)
Bot is ignoring me ;_;
need to stock with zeph, also, it's valuing my decal tool as 3 scrap.
good deals and works well, thanks!
You're running short of metal
This is great!
Really good job man
Getting ignored by the bot. :C
i was abroad and it was offline for a couple days :(
Hi whats up i want this man co orange please!
added for orange
Your bot is amazing. +1 for team spirit.