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Exostomp™ |
looking for other halloween sets for this
halloween sets that i dont have-
-the idiot box
-the hat for the sniper
-ill also take 2.66 ref
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1.33 ref
thats half of what i was asking for..........NOONE READS THESE DAYS
its because its not worth 2.66 at all
yeh its not worth that much its worth more >.>
all the items together value at about 1.11 ref spreadsheet so we know why that post has no offers
ok first of all it has no offers becuase it was offered 10 minutes ago and second of all spreadsheet says that because your searching it up indivigualy so the price goes down but the WHOLE set together is a keys worth,spreadsheet noob
Lol that post isn't even the full set it has the demoman feet instead.
Plus your hat is dirty.
Snowman 1970d
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I have a Craftable Buzz Killer for you Uncraft The Buzz Killer .

may help you sell your set ??
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.