b/o on beak?
TCs dropped level 100 sell for 15-16 keys btw :D
The more patience you have, the easier it will be to find a collector who will pay full price^^
Annnnd you offer 5 for tc.... Ok..
I sold a clean dropped lvl 100 tc for a white bills and a big kill. Just wait it out man, you'll get what you deserve for it :3.
Birdcage for the beak
black bil for tc?
Level 100 winter wonderland wrap for the beak?
trade me for beak ;D
BaF bills and a a few keys?
2.66-3 ref for the beak
My level 42 tc and a rec for your level 100 tc.
a key for beak?
6 ref on the beak
6.33 for beak
lvl 100 vintage prussian for the TC?
i'll do 5 keys for the beak.
add me.