I couldnt find a trade for odd levels but i noticed that your name implied that you were a odd number collector, would you be interested in a level 42 Cutthroat Concierge?
No thanks, I got my preferred Spy loadout already, and I don't collect 42s.
I have a Plutonidome. Its level 78 however.
And it's not clean either :3
i have the pluto......
But is it clean, and Level 31?
is 45
2-2.33 ref for my clean plutonidome
Is it the Level 46 version in your most recent outpost trade? Because I'm after a Level 31 version ;)
nvm ive sold it anyways
I have clean level 31 Plutonidome
And from the looks of it you already sold it on? :/
Yep, sold it, sorry :|
Why? The one person on outpost looking for a clean Level 31 version, guaranteed to pay more for it than market value if necessary, and want it more than anyone; and you sell it to someone seemingly random T.T
Well, I was lucky enough to still get it from your buyer, at least. Quite pricy, as he bought it exclusively to make profit off of. You could've been the one with that profit, but you chose to specifically NOT sell to the Halloween collector, so not much I can do about that now =p But, fair is fair, I might not have found out about its existence at all if you didn't write me here, so you did help me obtain the Plutonidome in a more indirect way :)
This is the only non collector owner of a level 31 clean zipperface. I THINK. http://steamcommunity.com/id/conbeau14

Anyways, I added you to discuss a rare vintage I own. (Spy Token)
Yeah, but I saw he's trade banned a while ago :c And he doesn't reply to my messages anyway. And sure, add accepted :) Though I'm not interested in a duped rare vintage I'm afraid.
hey dpi.erico, not sure if you remember me, but i kinda got started late on collecting the haunted 2012's so if you see any i still need (mastermind, sleeves, tutu, fairy wings) could you send them my way? thanks either way
Will do! Good luck getting those last few ones, I know how it feels to have JUST a few items left for a set XD
haha yea, a couple of those i have a seller for, but he wants a key apiece, so thats kinda a last resort for me
The 2 items I'm looking for either don't exist (in a public bp) yet, or there's only 1 available, from a trade banned person that doesn't respond to messages =p
lol i know exactly how that feels, good luck with them though
also, can you add me to that clean heads group? thanks
i actually completed the set so it doesnt really matter anymore
Aren't you selling them on again, though? I'm not sure if I can invite people anyway, I'm no admin/officer in the group, just a member :)
well i have 4 of them and dont really plan on selling them for less than 1.5, so i figure ill have at least one for a very long time
hey, I saw your profile and read the "Do not's" And I was wondering if you possibly would like a 2010 spine chilling skull, Its level five, acording to bp.tf and a couple of other trading sites there are less than 100 of them, its wrapped, If your interested please reply!
and as always have a nice day! :)

http://backpack.tf/stats/287/6/0 :P if you wanna check
It's very likely that it only SHOWS as being Level 5 on bp.tf. It happens quite often with items in a gift wrap. They'll appear to be Level 5, because that's the Level of the Wrapped Gift itself. Haunted Metals is where I first noticed this (http://stats.teamfortress.org/item/267/Haunted_Metal_Scrap), 274 are said to be Level 5, 274 are said to be Unique, and there's at least 274 in-wrap.
Oh, I think I kinda made my reply confusing sorry, are you saying that its not that rare or I might be wrong on it being level five? I saw in a test trade under level give wrapped gift level five hat, Sorry to bother you again :P
The latter, I don't think it's Level 5 at all. I did notice the most recent bp history of Athe0007 (the gift wrapper) shows this Skull: http://backpack.tf/item/539371050 Or you can see it on tf2items, on that site it shows it's an untradable one (would explain why it's gift-wrapped), crafted by Athe0007: http://www...mp;p=2 So I'm guessing you either saw it on bp.tf, or in Steam Inventory/Trade. Because those 2 places have this error to my knowledge.
dang I keep messing up my sentences I know the last one makes no sense I meant "I saw in a test trade, under gift wrapped item, it said level five hat"
And also if you want to see it let me know I can trade you and you can make sure that it is level 5
Oh, ok thanks for clearing things up!!
Sure thing :) And try to post all messages in one chain, now I have 3 seperate chains with your name in my trade :3
I have a lvl 52 Plutonidome, we should get to trading!
Well actually, I'm after Level 31 versions only for these items :) Though I've already got one of those too, the only reason I haven't crossed it off the Wishlist, is because the trade would close if I did :3
you still need the plut pyro hat
I don't need it anymore, the reason it wasn't crossed off the wishlist yet, is because at least 1 item in the wishlist has to be active (or else the trade will close). I now selected Rump-o'-Lantern instead, as I wouldn't mind finding another clean Level 31 version of that (small chance, but you never know).
But either way, already got all the Plutonidomes I need, is my point :)
I have a lvl 22 Coffin Kit
Iz clean, trade?
Well.. it's not Level 31, and I already have it as Level 31 version anyway, so no thanks =p
I have a non-haunted clean unique level 31 Zipperface :D
26 October 2012 I started this collection, so with it being the 27th of April 2014 today.. I can't express my excitement in text-form!