Selling the above at the prices below:
Balloonicorn(Black): 3 keys 1 Refined
Gen Scrap Pack: 2 Keys
White Paint: 2 Keys 1 Refined
Festive Sniper: 3.5 Keys
S Part: 1 Refined
MvM Tickets(x2) : 1.66 Refined EACH
S. Holiday Punch: 8,5 Keys/ Bills Hat
p.s also looking to upgrade S Holiday Punch to S Sapper, BEST/LOWEST offer will be taken.

or offer below on all of the above etc.
ONLY add me if offering the prices above.
Rock le Volcan
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2 vodoo cursed for spy + 1 purity fist (clean) + Infenal Orchenistra (Clean) + stranges : overdose + market gardener + persian persuader for white paint please !
sorry ill pass on that
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.