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As we know, all Christmas-Themed items have been rising in price as we approach closer to Christmas. The Ebenezer, a hat which could only be randomly obtained as a prize from the Great Gift Pile during the Steam Holiday Sale 2011, via crafting 7 Holiday Coal or for earning achievements for the event, is now rising in demand.
Note: I know it is gifted, but that wont make it look any different, so dont expect it be underpriced.

Therefore i am deciding to sell my Ebenezer for the best offer i get!

C/O's(not in any order):

B/O: Strange Sapper/ 17 Keys (Instant Buyout)

p.s i am not quickselling this wonderful hat, i would rather just keep it to myself, so dont bother trying to get a quick profit out of this trade.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.