Self Made Key + Clean Pink Max
I'd prefer pure promos, but highest c/o currently nonetheless!
You've been outbid
Also, you don't have the self-made key anymore (?)
I don't have it with me.
Alrighty, well, still outbid, I was just wanting to clear that up about the key
Secret moon raincatcher + s.f.flamethrower.
blizz anger and misty skull birdcage
Burning honchos
13th hr liqudators
Smoking executioner.
What happens when somebody unboxes the scorching version of this? Will the effect be on the backpack?
I have no idea! That's a good question
Unusual Coffin Kit Blizzardy Storm + 1 bud + max + 5 keys for you Unusual Coffin Kit Stormy 13th Hour
New Offer --> Unsual Coffin Kit Blizzard Storm + max + 1 bud + 10 keys + 30 U$ on games (only steam, you choose)
13th Hour Beak
I can do 14.5 pure but give me some time please.
*18 (raising)