umm for craft hat ill give you a random hat (clean) weapon ill give you a spy wep (vintage iif want) im not sure about class token and sticky jumper i can do
i have a sticky jumper
i like that dasin hassin
and the cold war luchador
add me if like deal
ok add me
umm i have token
what do you want for the ornament arnament
hi, sorry for nothing to offer, i wanna asked how much is a #5 attomic accolade. Im not very sure about the prices of these and need a confirmation :3, please enlighten me!
how much would you buy a #7 attomic accolade for?
oh okay. Thanks anyway Hetman's headpiece #7 - 100LVL hope it helps.
Hi i have #7 Vigiiant Pin
nicee collection
  • HUY - just something i came across, hope it'll help.
  • HUY
if you're still interested in that doctor's sack,
what can u give for a smoking scotch bonnet?
Are you meaning only spy/all class, or are those just preferred?
I've got K-9 Mane #7. I was aiming for 13 keys, so I guess that's more than you'd be willing to pay.
I own a #7 champ stamp if ur interested
Wanna offer on 7# Burning Bongos?
No I guess, but an answer would be nice
I'll do that, if you want to.
I got #7 Hitt Mann badge if you are interested
Im build
how are you give me for rocket jumper or how much for spy cicle
I'll buy the Dashin' Hashashin but look at my trades. I also have a Sticky Jumper too.
I offa scwap for the spie hatt, ees gud deel, yoo cunt fynd theez, so yoo betta trayde meh farst.
hey would u be interested ina #7 cannonball, and if so would u wanna make an offer, i am negotiable
well my friend have a #7 hit man badge..will u think about it?
hmmm...can i ask higest that badge can go how much?
I have the #8 badge lol
11 keys for Level 100 TS Painted #7 Hetmans Headpiece?
Hey, interested in buds lvl 7? I can take replacement + key or nice sweets :p
interested in odd level weapons level 7?
Claidheamh Mòr lvl7 + Phlogistinator lvl7
sorry I speak French, I do not understand?
make me an offer, I these yet what I get for it
Damn I have a craft #8 Track Terrorizor D:
what can i get with a 7 flamboyant flamenco
hey do you want level 7 items?(if you dont want these ı have sticky jumper and class token(but ı have engi,medic,soldier tokens ı give you a token and a spy weapon))
yes? right ı understood you want level 7 items ok