Selling the above at the prices below.
Genuine Menpo: 1 Key
Gen. Hetmans Headpiece: 1.66 Refined
Dirty Meet The Medic Taunt: 1.33 Refined
Ninja Cowl: 2 Refined
S Holiday Punch: 8 Keys or Bills Hat
Festive Sniper Rifle: 4 Keys
White Paint: 2 Keys
Black Balloonicorn: 3 Keys

B/O for complete set of items: Genuine Mercs Pride Scarf.
It was me...VDOG
can i get the black balloonicorn for 2 keys man i dont have 3 plz i want it baldly
if you add something around a keys worth ill do it you can add me to discuss in around 3 hours
Bustog the Weeb Dwarf
Menpo for S. Scattergun?
sure throw in some sweetner such as the pan or something and its yours :p
Bustog the Weeb Dwarf
I'm not getting rid of my Pan, that's the one thing.
Bustog the Weeb Dwarf
Also could I somehow score the Gen. Headpiece and MTM Taunt for a Festive Stickybomb Launcher.
lol umm sure jus throw in a bit of a sweetner you can decide on that.
hmm how bout add me to discuss i can talk properly there rather than talk here haha
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.