Selling the above sweet festives/stranges for the prices below(or offer):

Festive Sticky: 3 Keys
Festive Sniper Rifle(w/ tag): 4 Keys
S Scattergun: 1 Key
S Holiday Punch: 8 Keys
S Gold Botk Medigun: 8 Keys

B/O for all of the above:
--> 1:1 with s.f sniper rifle or s30
ZQueck for the punch, set is worth about 6 keys and i can add a little to make it 7
hmm seems ok but thing is as you can see, i have every item youre already offering and id say app 5.5 keys haha :P but if you would i could do white bills, and throw in sweet(s) to cover up the rest c:
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.