Selling the above sweet festives/stranges for the prices below(or offer):

Festive Sticky: 3 Keys
Festive Sniper Rifle(w/ tag): 4 Keys
S Scattergun: 1 Key EACH
S Holiday Punch: 8 Keys
S Diamond Botk Medigun: 10 Keys or 1:1 with diamond botkiller wrench

B/O for all of the above:
--> 5:1 with a s30 or buds or s gunslinger. (will add sweets since medigun isnt included)
[BORG] Karbulot [TN]
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I can offer you for Diamond Medigun 1:1 my Diamond Medigun level 61.
It's worth more, at the moment is highest level of Diamond on the world .
Why? Because I'm only 1-st level collector.
hmm sure hit me up i guess
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.