I wish to buy a spectral flame, and/or a grenade spell.
Actually NvM. i found out that only the paints stay on items, not weapon spells or footprints
Ill buy some die job with a strange medigun and some metal though.
(pssst they do)
(Check my S.axtinguisher)
So, in that case i would love to get a spectral flame and some die job please. I need it for my sets.
Die job is sold out, sorry.
It disappeared form my inventory, i am not asking for another one for free. i am just wondering if i can buy another. now i know the proper procedure to handle these items.
Sure thing, np.
Have any paints left? i'm interested in some and would like to know which you have and their prices
how much gourd grenades ?

and if i add them in a wep, that remain stuck in?
1 ref for spectral flame? I just don't know if it'll stay some people say yes others no.
2 die job for 6 keys
Read. No paints left.
How much for the spectral flame?
2 keys.
Does it still appear in game? Proof if the answer is yes
Aw that blows..... Do the voice changers work?
Not suure about that one though. Only things that worked was paints where I sold all 25 of them for 7 keys before it became popular, lost like 2.5 buds ;~;
Added for a Spectral Flame. B/O
Dude !!! you sell spell to my mate and claim you don't know if it works or not, doesn't work, discuss refund and you de-friend me !!!

What's with the whole ' fair TF2 trading ' spiel on your profile page ???

Don't get ripped off by this prick ! Spells no longer work, only paint works.
Well, if you want a refund, get my spells back, someone else will want them. I don'y give out stuff for free too.
Don't act ignorant ! The Spec Flame spell was used and therefore found not to work !
Do the right thing and refund. The deficient spell can obviously not be returned and who the hell would want to pay for something that doesn't work !
Collectors? And if you buy one and give it back, I'd gladly give you back the key. Really, I did not know if it will work as I never used it myself. Your mate already agrred to pay a key first, and then the second one if it worked.
And guys, this is why you don't be too nice or you will be taken advantage of.
i would like to buy a quad sentry, a spec flame, a medic voice and a rotten orange footstep. How much for all and how much for each.
Do all the spells work now? I'm just making sure. For example, if you put a voice or footprint spell on, it will show up no matter what time it is (even outside of full moons or halloween?)
How much for one each?
besides exorcism and scout's voice snarl.
Depends, which do you want?
Like every single one x1 (One of rech spell you have)
That would be 1 ref each, but then I'm pretty reluctant to sell the footprints and the spectral flames, so that would make it 11 ref, would that be fine? :D
"Added to discuss" due i dont have ref only keys
What does the sentry one do? I MAY buy if it does what I think it does, or similar, or if it sounds cool! :P
No effect now, but it used to turn the sentry rockets like pumpkins and make the smoke trails purple
How much would a Medic voice spell cost?
Added for Flame.
Could you possibly do a festive grenade launcher for the squash rockets and if the voices still work, the soldiers bark?
Neither works.
Ah, well im still interested in both. Perhaps I could lower the price to a ref for the rockets?
can I have a grenade and a rocket?
festive ambassador + wanga prick + 2 scrap for spectral flames
flame for 1key?
How mutch for flame?
Are you sure they work on halloween mode servers? (I tried a voice spell'd hat on a halloween server just now and heard no difference.)
I've seen the weapon spells work on halloween mode servers though.
i am instrested in the squash rockets i will offer a laughing taunt pls reply
1.33 for the exorcism.
1 ref for gourd grenades?
what do you need for the weapon spell Exorcism?
0.66 for exorcism?
1.11 ref for exorcisim and 2 scrap for sentry quad?
Interested in the quad pumpkin - add me
Do weapon spells work? I know paints work, but I'm not sure about weapons
Yes they work , I booted up my alt and used the spells and they all work :D Have fun , I hope these stay on forever :P
Added for the Spectral Flame.

I think 2 ref would be enough (in items)