Selling the above for the prices below(or offer):

Whiskered Gentlemen(CLEAN DROP :O link below for le proof) : Taking Offers atm (scroll over to le whiskered gent for the origin)
Croc Smile: 1.66 Ref.
Stovepipe Sniper Shako: 1 Key .33 Ref
Medi-Mask: 1.66 Ref.
El Jefe: 3.33 Refined.
Distinguished Rogue: 1Key + 1.33Refined or 4 Refined.
Salty Dog: 1.66 Refined.
Mark of the Saint: 2 Refined.

Other Hat Trade:
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I'd pay 3 Ref for the Gentleman.
noted sir.
Or, alternatively, I could give a balloonicorn. Up to you. :3
the 3 ref seems chirpier since i have 2 balloonies sitting to be resold in my bp haha
but id still wait for a bit of a better offer im hoping around 5 ref since it is a clean drop and a lvl42 :P
I have clean drops worth 5 keys. This is nothing. Believe me. lol
Hmm.. 5 ref. Would you take a festive knife or wrench for it?
i can dream cant i :C LOL but hopefully there is a teeny bit chance :P
hmm those would actually work :P
either that is :P
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.