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The LVL61 Diamond Botkiller Medigun!
Highest recorded in is 73 http://sta...di_Gun , definitely making it a 1 of 1 though. [EDIT: Currently 2nd Highest] [Trade to highest: ]
p.s most of the items on the right are placeholders.
LVL101 DIamond Botk Scattergun! -->

This beauty will stay with me (since i love the botkillers), unless a VERY attractive offer is made.
B/O: none set

C/O(not in any order):
--> Max's(tentative) --> ruthlessimon
Pvt. Porkers
Maybe my max, but I'd need to think
neat offer and sure tyt ill put that as tentative then.
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jus checking up if youre interested in it. p.s i think i maxs is a bit too much.
[BORG] Karbulot [TN]
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just out of curiousity i dont understand it being it so expensive why is it i had a diamond minigun lvl 1 but it didnt go for much is it that level or the fact that its a medi gun or what?
well thing is people who get a lvl1 are people who only used 3 tickets into playing whereas this level which is currently the 2nd highest diamond medi, took 61 tours to get and that too it couldve been a carbonado medigun or any other weapon too. Plus this is the only one in existance atm.
wait hold on does that mean every time u complete it u get that lvl so for example if i completed it a second time it would be lvl 2? and 100 times lvl 100? am i on the right track here?
yep on the right track but its unpredictable if its a diamond or a carbonado or an exact diamond or carbonado (say a medigun) :p
ok bro thanks for all the help sorry for spam
SwagSenpai *_*
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Dude : you are a need :D
SwagSenpai *_*
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