Selling the above for offers or prices below:

Doublecross(gold): 8 Keys/ Bills
Idea Tube(lvl69): 2.66 Ref/ 1 Key
S Grenade Launcher: 6 Keys
MvM Ticket: 1.33 Ref/ 1 Craft Hat.

B/O for All: S40 + 1 key.
Scott Sterling
Buying a ticket for 1.33 add me
aiite add me up
✪ Suoh
i want to buy ur genuine crosscomm
im getting keyes tmrw!!!
i added u
aiite im out atm ill accept your invite jus message me here when youre ready to trade or post on my profile
✪ Suoh
man i cant wait to buy it this is the final piece to complete my golden spy set ty bro can u try not to sell it :C <3
im trying i got offered a maxs head if this was a sweet with my bud :P and i understand .. if its for a spy set i shall do errything i can xD
✪ Suoh
thanks bro XD
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.