Jack Aubrey
100% CLEAN Craftable Items (Not normally craftable)

Clean Summer Items:
[493] Unique Noise Maker - Fireworks (Level 5) (~71 exist) - B/O: 2 buds

Clean Football Manager Promos:
[542] Unique Noise Maker - Vuvuzela (Level 5) (~32 exist) - B/O: 4 buds

Clean Halloween 2011 Items (Craftable and NO CRAFT NUMBER):
[570] Unique Last Breath (Level 13) (~42 exist) - B/O: 5 buds
[571] Unique Apparition's Aspect (Level 13) (~28 exist) - B/O: 6 buds
[572] Unique Unarmed Combat (Level 1-100) (~33 exist) - B/O: 4 buds
[574] Unique Wanga Prick (Level 1-100) (~57 exist) - B/O: 4 buds
[575] Unique Infernal Impaler (Level 13) (~19 exist) - B/O: 10 buds

Other Clean Items:
[443] Unique Dr. Grordbort's Crest (Level 15) (~189 exist) - B/O: 18 keys

These are not common items, they are very rare collectors pieces. There was a glitch that lasted a few hours on 2011-10-13 that resulted in any items traded to loose their 'flag_cannot_craft', therefore making them craftable. This is the main source of any craftable 'store purcase only' items you might see. But you won't see many, check the stats!

Tradable Items (Not normally tradable)
[267] Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap (Level 4) (~79 exist) - B/O: 6 buds
This is the ultimate craft material, awarded to a lucky few thanks to a glitch back in 2010, and becoming rarer every week as they get crafted away. If you craft it together with 4 refined, you will receive a fully tradable style of the 2011 Skull. Less than 10 of each skull exist!

Add me if paying the buyout, otherwise leave your offer for considerations. I do not like unusuals!
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you lucky bastard. also making this post as a reference so i can refere you to a tf2 oddity collector.
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1.5 buds in refined for that Wanga Prick
Jack Aubrey
120 ref?
bud and 40?
Jack Aubrey
Added you to talk
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.