Oh man!
This trade was closed by that good good at 00:01:47 on November 19th, 2012 with the following reason:
Troll trade
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I would do the trade if I had the Buds. Good luck with it dude :P
I offer a half eaten banana, looks off but it's still edible.
How much has it browned?
A third of the banana has browned, I took another bite to check to see if it was fine, it still is.
I am going to have to retract my offer, my banana has turned into brown stinky mush.
seems legit
According to this link: https://www...e.com/ , your earbuds are 1 of 16 that were allowed to be painted in the game. I highly suggest you increase your buyout price before you get ripped off.

Likewise, my offer is the strange earbuds that are in my backpack. They are only level 18, so I understand if I need to add more.
omg these are 1 out of 2 and i highly recommend you to trust me without any reliable source
You better rise the price
im totally not on your friendslist
The effect is quite fitting, iz themed!