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This post is not for trolling. Please read before you write.

I made this post because of my curiosity for this weird weapon.

I traded this item a while back and I found out that this item have weird origin.

--Origin: Earned Crit-a-Cola.( Tradable and Craftable )

I have no idea where this thing came from.

old tf2 achievement item?

Steam support item? (CHECKED)

Glitched achievement item?

Received from valve?

Dropped ?

-no idea

You guys are smarter than me.


spare some of your knowledge to this no brain guy will ya?

It would be nice to hear some of your opinions.

Thanks for listening :)


btw my mvm badge has same origin


found out this one is not support granted

support granted black rose.

- has "Origin: Support Granted"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mystery solved !!

I asked to odd item trader dpi.erico [TF2 Odds Collector] about my cola.

he responded to me very politely and It's well explained.

"Heey there, I think it has to do with duelling. I don't often use duels myself, but I recall that when a user gets a 10th win (20th, 30th, etc), 3 (possibly 4) things happen: -1) the player's Dueling Badge will Level up by 1 Level; -2) (optional) the player will receive a Silver, Gold or Platinum Badge if the respective Level is reached; -3) the player will receive a free Duelling Mini-game to further his/her progress; and -4) The player will receive a random item as a bonus reward. So I think that your Crit-a-cola, was someone's reward for advancing a Level on his/her Dueling Badge."

I hope every one of us learned some new knowledge about items today. :)

I thank to dpi.eroci for great explanation and fast reply.

also I thank to all of you helped me on this post.

again have a nice trade everyone :D
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Can i buy 1:1 for craftable wep
um? it's not for trading. Do you have any idea about it?
about it's origin?
Oh ok, na i dont sorry, probobly just found it like everyone else
mk? well anyway thanks for responding.
Cupcake Chan
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cool beans
Maybe it was a item drop from completing a MVM Tour of Duty wave?
it's different. I have 3 mvm odd leveled glitch items and it is showing as " Origin: MvM Badge completion " . but good guess.
Thanks for commenting. Very kind of ya :)
Tradable achievement item?
Gimme fur 1 ref
Well I have no idea dude. First, I want to hear your opinion about this item.
Thats my opinion. Its a glitch in where an achievement item was given, but tradable
Hm is it? If it is achievement item. It should have "origin: achievement"
Good guess though.
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founded? anyway what you think?
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That can be one of possibilities. but yet never saw other weapon with this origin. Thanks for your opinion. :)
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Dankeschön. :D
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http://www...lc8Eew 1:1 with the cola?
I love waffles.
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.