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Selling this incredible good looking scout set. It's complete.
Offer on the set. Not selling separately. (Unless decent overpay)

Current leading offer:
Genuine El Jefe + Genuine Awper + Backpack Expander

B/o: Genuine Mercs scarf + 3 keys

Worth separately:
[Hat]_____[Black] Lvl 7 Vintage Tosslecap: 8 keys*
[Misc]____[Black] Track Terrorizer: 2.5 keys*
[Misc]____[Black] Essential Accessories: 7.5 keys*
[Action]___Taunt: Schadenfreude: 3 ref
[Primary]__Strange Scattergun: 2 ref
[Second]__Vintage Crit-a-Cola: 1 ref
[Melee]___Three-Rune Blade: 2 ref

(The cola and scattergun isn't showing up in this trade because i got them after but they are included still)

* = I add 1.5 keys to the value for the black paint which normally cost 2.5+ keys
Natural Beauty
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Ebenezer for the V.Tossle?
"Not selling separately." and i wouldn't accept that even if i did.
Pharal Ismail
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Unusual Nuts and bolts hotdogger for it??? can u add sum sweets
I'll put it as C/o, wont sell for this though. I've payed a bit over 20 keys for this set.
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Im interested in part of the set but not all of it. I was wondering if you would 1:1 your E.A for my clean kringle?
I'll be back for the TT if no one else is selling cheaper.
I am looking to sell this as a set as mentioned before and why should i trade my EA which is worth 6 keys + paint for a kringle worth 5 keys?
genuine jefe + sweets
Worse than c/o which is to low.
as per ur prices ur items are ~ 19 keys and jefe is 13-14 + u didnt even hear the sweets and preassumed its worse ?
Well, i guess that was wrong by me but alot of ppl give like >1 keys sweets >_<
sweets are #1300 area451 or a genuine awper + backpack expander or a clean fast learner as a whole either ways
Hmm. Thats a decent offer. Add around 1 key to the "genuine awper + backpack expander" sweets and i'll put this as c/o.
lol adding 1 key and still c/o ?
I will probably take it then if i don't get any better offers in a short while, that's what i really meant.
okay once u decide temme and we will work out something for the 1 key gap :)
I will take this if you just close the gap =)
m all out of keys and i guess the offer is good in itself but maybe i can pop a craft hat
Pick a sexy one and i'll do it :D
Btw, your friend list is full
add me lets see what i have ;)
Sorry, i sold it for the blizzardy buckaroos
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.