Oh man!
This trade was closed by that good good at 01:20:19 on November 23rd, 2012 with the following reason:
troll trade
Sure, add me
That's an AMAZING deal.
Add two weapons and you have a deal. Add me.
ther good weps he no scammr plz trade
Alright i'm good for it. Add me.
Only if I can through in another key, I don't want to rip you off.
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I could do 16 keys but you'd have to add sweets.
What Kind of Sweets
Just bits and bobs lying round your backpack that you don't need, if you'd prefer I'd do an unusual charmer's w/ nuts. But not both.
i don't Have any unusual Hats Only an Unusual Weapon and it's Untradeable
No, I have an unusual if you'd prefer that instead of keys.
That well Work i Think
are u talking unusuals?
He is Not me
I'll give you TWO LZ3R WEPONS