How much would you want for the cheapest one? (whichever one that may be)
Cheapest would be #83, and I truly have no idea.
I'm getting a bunch of keys soon, I can offer 6 or 7, maybe 8. I really want it, hopefully my key guy gets keys soon.
If you're patient and want to save it for me, I can give you ten keys for it. Of course, if someone else comes along with a better offer you should take it, I just want it saved. It might be a few days until I get the keys.
I'll list you as 10. Let me know when you get the keys, and I'll wait a day or so if you're still the highest offer. Thank you :]
I think I'm actually going to have to retract. If/when I get the keys I'll come back and check on the trade, and if any are left I'll probably buy one. Sorry about that.
Got a b/o in mind for the #83?
None in mind! Not looking nearly as much as #25 though. :]
Consider this a bookmark for now.
3 upgrade to premiums for 38
can u say to who u sold the #25 im really interested on it :)
I sold it to a long time friend of mine. For future reference, just click the #25 watch at the top and you'll get it's history. :)
oh ok, i thought that clicking on the item would only show the previous owners. thx m8
np, gl negotiating with him