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Trading's a good job mate!

It's challenging work, Outta' doors.

I guarantee ya won't go 'ungry.

Cuz at the end of the day, as long as there's 2 people left on the planet.

Someone is gonna want someone's hat ;)

selling my TF2 logo Pickelhaube.Taking 1.5 buds and i am only taking keys, buds,or unusual offers
All of these hats that i am wanting are blizzardy storm:
-Nappers Respite
-Prancers Pride
-Headwarmer(i will also take other affects on this hat becuase i loves it)
-Outdoorsman(you will need to add sweets)
-A rather festive tree
-Mongolian(you will have to add sweets)
-Big Elfin Deal
-Liquidaters Lid
-Doctors Sack
-Brown Bomber
-Pyromancers Mask
The Trader
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1:1 Counterfeit Billycock?
sorry but yours is gifted duped and nuts and bolts >.< ill give you some items for it though
The Trader
what items?
the regular billycock nuts and bolts go for about 15-17 keys but since you have a duped and gifted one that goes down to like 5 keys worth in items; would that do?
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http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/6502349 just an offer :)
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Blizz Cosa if u add?
how much would i add?
like 1 bud =/ i like the hat but that all i have
my hat is 1.33-1.5 and yours is 1.5-1.7 so i can however add like 4-5 keys worth in items but thats it
eh never mind then i kinda value your at like 1.1 ish and mine at 1.88 I've been offered 2 buds before on it just people bought something else before i could get home to accept
i have another unusual but its a bit more than yours, you would have to add :/
what is it?
steaming grenadiers softcap
your is worth 24-35 keys
no its not its worth 2 buds idk where your looking
where most people look for low prices unusuals
its wrong becuase price check is always better
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.