Wow look at all those cool items. With over 600 hours of engi playtime, this person must really like enginerd. I happen to have found an impossibly rare yet affordable engineer item that would look great in his and/or her backpack:
I have an unusual Orbiting Planets Brainiac that i am looking to get around 4 buds or 4 buds worth of items. If this doesn't interest you thanks for your time. By the way, i didnt know a golden wrench existed until now. Awesome wrench !
I just asked someone else with the same and he said his was 4+. I think I could wait a bit for them to drop a bit, and my salvaged to rise º3º
i have a friend that has unusaul braniac hairpiece the effect is smoking u can check his inventory Mr. senor sir
He's asking 3.5, most affordable one I've seen, thanks!
wait are u asking me if his taking 3.5 cause idk rwally
No, I found his trade.