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Trading's a good job mate!

It's challenging work, Outta' doors.

I guarantee ya won't go 'ungry.

Cuz at the end of the day, as long as there's 2 people left on the planet.

Someone is gonna want someone's hat ;)

Made by Sakiisa Lee
selling my Nuts and Bolts Mountain cap.Taking 1 bud and i am only taking keys, buds, or unusual offers
All of these hats that i am wanting are blizzardy storm:
-Nappers Respite
-Prancers Pride
-Headwarmer(i will also take other affects on this haat becuase i loves it)
-A rather festive tree
-Mongolian(you will have to add sweets)
-Big Elfin Deal
-Liquidaters Lid
-Doctors Sack(you will have to add sweets)
-Brown Bomber
-Pyromancers Mask[/color]
deger211 gamdom.com
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give steam game and most my bp
Can you Please specify what game and what items in your back pack you would not be trading?
deger211 gamdom.com
now i give 9 keys 1.66 quakecon bundle and some good item
Hmm add me to discuss and ill think bout it
deger211 gamdom.com
i can trade thath item on nuts ginzila 100lvl
deger211 gamdom.com
now i give german gonzila wiht bolts 100lvl and some sweets
What sweets?
deger211 gamdom.com
add me and i show
Ok,when i get home ill add you
Actaully i would rather be more interested in pyro unusuals if you have one
deger211 gamdom.com
i have but i dont sell
Not even if i add? :D
deger211 gamdom.com
no no because i unbox that unusual
Does it matter if you unboxed it? I could give it back if ypud ever want it back. Anyway ill add you to discuss your unusuals
Once i get home
deger211 gamdom.com
ok i wait
dick medusa
You didn't unbox your pyro unusual.
When dis i say i did?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.