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Selling this CRAFT #13 Siberian Sophisticate!! Very lovely nice craft #!! I haven't tampered with the name or description, that's for you to play with. Also take note crafters name is fitting with the craft number!

Will this shirt bring good luck or bad luck into your TF2 gaming? That's for you to find out (;.

I will not take or even consider anything 15 keys or under, So please REFRAIN from lowballing, thanks. I really like this shirt and I'm here for an offer I can't refuse!

Happy trading guys <3
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It's actually level 31.
When I was born, my mom dropped me on my head.
♡ catto
craft 13 level 31

Yeah! It is Halloween Themed!
pink ea fer it?
Too low. Thanks for your offer though
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.