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Selling this lovely lvl 42. Triad Trinket <---- Collectors level and meaning of life!! Offer up!!

C/O: None

Please remember to REFRAIN from lowballing!!

Happy trading guys<33
Btw more price on dat shirt. Its level is the inverse of its craft number (31 : 13)
Aha, you made a point there!
And... 31 is halloween and 13 is an international unlucky number.
Profit Birb
And it's crafted by ''Villian Mc Evil Person'' ;)
Ann the Knee
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beams hest on hets
carbonado scatter strange for that sexy conscience
8 dota 2 keys for the craft number 13
Not into dota 2, but I can still sell these. C/O
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a craft #699, 669, and 996 collection? (Check my bp to see)
nty. Thanks for offer though.
i can add 3 dota keys...
Nope, I'm only interested in pure promos or unusual offers. Thanks for your offer.
/ - - \ Bubble Vapor
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Thanks for setting the bar so low on the Hetman's. :(
I'm so sorry to do that bro but thats just my 75 percent off quicksell, I still value that hat at 4 - 5 buds. My sale was only for a for a friend of a friend i knew, I was being nice so make sure you don't undervalue your hate mate.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.