Pheggo MAJOR QS's on shop!
Selling MOST Craft Hats, Haunted Hats, UC Hats, Vintage Hats (and misc), etc for large offers (Unusuals, Bills, Buds, Etc)
Take a peek into my BP and you can check if you need any craft hats in bulk for yourself and you can offer Keys, metal, promos or unusuals.
NOTE i take some levels, all paints and the quality of the hat into consideration so i dont care if youre gonna wipe the paint later, but you have to pay the price of it now!

Other than that you can enjoy trading with me, im never rude unless someone ticks me off and you can also add me to discuss if you feel like it.
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Brown Bomber + Dr Whoa + Sight for Sore Eyes + Decal Tool for Vintage white tyrants
nice offer but too much resale in it :c
would you do your mercs + brown bomber + sight for sore eyes? (itll be around 4.5k so jus an overpay by .5 since in items if its fine by you?)
Ehh not really, i kinda love my mercs so yeah.. =/
i can add a rec + 2 scrap to original offer ;)
but theres so much to sell and not much i like in your initial offer :C id prefer it if it were le mercs jus suggesting :p
no thanks :3
oh well upto you hiding this though im not gonna be doing le initial offer anytime soon
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Clean Backwards Ballcap for dirty Fast Learner?
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1 key for track terrorizer?
hmm maybe although added to discuss
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1 key and some metal for the fast learner?
naww ill pass.
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Last breath for vintage tyrant's?
you'd need to add.
what would I add?
id have to say a key + name tag.
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if i pay 3 keys + name tag ?
if i pay 3 keys ? ;_;
nty im only doing it for 4.
oh its ok, i found one selling black one for 3 keys :D thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.