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Strange Minigun: 6 Million Kills

Last trade was closed by mod, since some people found it offensive, sorry about that.


Its a minigun with 6 million kills on it.

Yes, you don't need to tell me this is not legit. I am not trying to hide that I didn't play heavy for 5 years straight to get this. I farmed all these kills. A private server + a kill farming map + 10 idle accounts + 1 month of time. That's right, this took me a month.

This would be a collectors item. It is likely to be the strange weapon with the highest kills in existence. I haven't seen anything close to it.


I haven't seen any trades like this anywhere (please comment if you have). So I can't really determine its value. Hale's Own dealers usually get a couple keys mark up (depending on the weapon) and 6 million is A LOT more than 8500. So I am putting the buyout at 1 bud. I will probably leave this trade up for a few days (maybe a week) and take the best offer, unless there is no interest in this sort of thing.

Buyout: 1 bud
Best offer: 8 keys

Obviously I am going to gift this weapon to the buyer, SO IT KEEPS THE KILLS. I will supply wrap.


The minigun:

Thank you Reddit:

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ABC -SemiPro->
holy fucking crap.
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I'm afraid that valve fixed that u can't transform kills via wrap :/
:p thats a shame
yeah, so i think u should keep it if u don't want to waste a month of farm ;d
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Oh lame. Thanks for the info.
No problem, chceck some change logs to get sure for 101% :P
Mafey "Gift wrapping a Strange weapon allows it to retain their rank upon trade." that's what the wiki said, hmm... i though that they fixed it in one of the old patches :/ i'll need to chceck it later ;d
sry for confusing u :|
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I checked the patch notes for the last month, I didn't see anything. I am going to check it still works though. :<
i guess it was longer time ago than a month :/
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I tried it (with a different weapon). It still works.
Theme Park
2 Keys xoxo
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Best offer.
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.:Iguana Salesman:.
As someone who worked tirelessly to get a Strange Fish with over 5,000 kills..... What is the point in cheating to level up a weapon? It's like a guy wearing a strapon for sex. Sure it might be bigger and possibly more appealing, but it isn't real and he gets no enjoyment or satisfaction out of it.
A Fucking Chicken
What if the man collects strap-ons? Or the girl really really really likes strap-ons? No-one's claiming the strap-on to be a real dick, they're just fans of large and exotic strap-ons.
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All the weapons I use I keep legit. I never play heavy. I started doing it on the minigun because I was idling all my accounts while I sleep anyway.
A Fucking Chicken
That's the weirdest thing I've ever posted but I think that explains the idea behind the trade.
This guy knows ^^^
5 keys
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I will get all the medics
medic magnet^
Wait, didn't I play with you in a MvM match the other day? And you didn't show this bad boy off?!
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Must have been a different Doodles. I haven't played MvM in ages.
6 Keys.
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Baron Nashor
You think?
Oh. My. God.
Mustache Hero
RULES 1 AND 2 NEWFA- oh-ho. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dillard Jr
>Implying lenny face isn't for new fags.
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>implying Ofwgkta isn't for new fags
>implying you aren't newfags
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>Implying that names with number's aren't for newfags.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
7 keys in Keys/Refined
djk no sound
this is proof heavy is a crutch
Horrifying Health
Let me see if understand: you want to sell a strange Minigun, that worth 3 keys, for a bud just because it has 6 million kills?
He just set the b/o at a bud, if you read the rest he said he would take the best offer. You can't price check an item like this so setting a bar like a bud is not that outrageous.
Horrifying Health
No problem mate! Also i'm not raging, just checking if i understood correctly :) Also, just because it's Hale's own strange, from what i know, doesn't change the price of strange. If it was, i could sell my server clearing stranges for a different price
There was once a strange targe on outpost with over 8,500 kills that went for close to a bills, so I think the kills do matter a bit, but it varys by case
1 month's worth of time of killing your computer for a ~$30 item?
7 keys when I get them. :D
I am very unsure of this, but a Big Kill?
marg simpons!
... why? D:
Doodles ♛
Become sure of this offer, and I'd take it.
the platinum killer
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I'll offer a festive minigun and festive medigun.
I offer 8 keys.
How did you get it to stop at 6 mil?
He simply stopped killing. I'm sure when he was close he kept track. To farm I assume he did the command +attack and just sat there doing nothing.
Oh he had it on screen the whole time.
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My method was roughly 200,000 kills a night, while I slept. I did the last stretch of 200,000 during the day when I was at my computer. I had the game in window mode, so I could do other things while I was waiting.
you guys do know the kills reset on trade right
Not if you gift wrap it.
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Didnt they change that?
Should've used a strange flamethrower and renamed it to 'Hitlers own' for maximum edgy-ness.
that slaps me on the knee
Dee Dee the Spy
A beat up Ford Wrangler. It has no Engine, Transmission is missing, I haven't seen the tires for a while, Frame has been rusted through, the side panels have wood rot, but the top is in perfect condition as long as you don't mind bullet holes.
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You'd have to add some sweets.
Shizznay the Dayman
this shit always refers me 2 what one of the south park episodes. You know the one where one of the blizzard employees says: "How do you kill, which has no life?
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This is the Godmode Minigun. Tentative level 69 V. Texas Ten Gallon painted Balaclavas.
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Very low demand hat, would be a tough resell. No thanks.
A shame you had to remove the tag, that ruins the joke behind it :C
Bill's Hat?
I'm offering my Gardener collection...
Meir Barak Obama
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thats a damn fine offer
... which can be found on page 8 & 9 of my backpack: One gardener of each quality available (unique, strange).
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.