holy fucking crap.
2 Keys xoxo
Best offer.
As someone who worked tirelessly to get a Strange Fish with over 5,000 kills..... What is the point in cheating to level up a weapon? It's like a guy wearing a strapon for sex. Sure it might be bigger and possibly more appealing, but it isn't real and he gets no enjoyment or satisfaction out of it.
What if the man collects strap-ons? Or the girl really really really likes strap-ons? No-one's claiming the strap-on to be a real dick, they're just fans of large and exotic strap-ons.
All the weapons I use I keep legit. I never play heavy. I started doing it on the minigun because I was idling all my accounts while I sleep anyway.
That's the weirdest thing I've ever posted but I think that explains the idea behind the trade.
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This guy knows ^^^
5 keys
I will get all the medics
medic magnet^
Wait, didn't I play with you in a MvM match the other day? And you didn't show this bad boy off?!
Must have been a different Doodles. I haven't played MvM in ages.
6 Keys.
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You think?
Oh. My. God.
RULES 1 AND 2 NEWFA- oh-ho. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>Implying lenny face isn't for new fags.
>implying Ofwgkta isn't for new fags
>implying you aren't newfags
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
7 keys in Keys/Refined
this is proof heavy is a crutch
Let me see if understand: you want to sell a strange Minigun, that worth 3 keys, for a bud just because it has 6 million kills?
He just set the b/o at a bud, if you read the rest he said he would take the best offer. You can't price check an item like this so setting a bar like a bud is not that outrageous.
No problem mate! Also i'm not raging, just checking if i understood correctly :) Also, just because it's Hale's own strange, from what i know, doesn't change the price of strange. If it was, i could sell my server clearing stranges for a different price
There was once a strange targe on outpost with over 8,500 kills that went for close to a bills, so I think the kills do matter a bit, but it varys by case
1 month's worth of time of killing your computer for a ~$30 item?
7 keys when I get them. :D
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I am very unsure of this, but a Big Kill?
... why? D:
Become sure of this offer, and I'd take it.
I offer 8 keys.
How did you get it to stop at 6 mil?
He simply stopped killing. I'm sure when he was close he kept track. To farm I assume he did the command +attack and just sat there doing nothing.
Oh he had it on screen the whole time.
My method was roughly 200,000 kills a night, while I slept. I did the last stretch of 200,000 during the day when I was at my computer. I had the game in window mode, so I could do other things while I was waiting.
you guys do know the kills reset on trade right
Not if you gift wrap it.
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Should've used a strange flamethrower and renamed it to 'Hitlers own' for maximum edgy-ness.
that slaps me on the knee
A beat up Ford Wrangler. It has no Engine, Transmission is missing, I haven't seen the tires for a while, Frame has been rusted through, the side panels have wood rot, but the top is in perfect condition as long as you don't mind bullet holes.
You'd have to add some sweets.
this shit always refers me 2 what one of the south park episodes. You know the one where one of the blizzard employees says: "How do you kill, which has no life?
A shame you had to remove the tag, that ruins the joke behind it :C
Bill's Hat?
I'm offering my Gardener collection...
... which can be found on page 8 & 9 of my backpack: One gardener of each quality available (unique, strange).