Selling the following items for keys, promos or Unusual offers.
If sweets are needed refer below or my bp.
p.s IF offering an UNUSUAL make sure youre offering a decent amount OFF your b/o, i am not here to pay b/o's for your hat.
p.p.s IF offering in items, overpay is necessary (~30-40% depending on number and type of items)

Pricelist(List of items):
S Huntsman: 24 Keys.
S Sapper: 17 Keys.
S Widowmaker: 10 Keys.
Black Bills: 10 Keys 1.44 Refined.
White VV Tyrolean: 6 Keys.
White V Procedure Mask: 8.5 Keys.
White VV Merryweather: 6.5 Keys.

Kringle: 6 Keys
All Father(x2) Dropped and Crafted: 6 Keys
Other Craft Hats: Check Bp for Stock.

Keys in Stock: 24 Keys
Metal in Stock: 14 Refined
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.