• Completed
Buying Salvaged Crates and Salvaged Stranges for the fixed prices below.
If needed, item offers can be arranged.

S40: 9 Keys 1.44 Refined
S30: 19 Keys
S Mantreads: 2 Keys/ 5 Refined
S Holiday Punch: 3 Keys 1 Refined/ 8.33 Refined
S Widowmaker: 5 Keys 1.33/ 13.66 Refined
S Sapper: 10 Keys 2 Refined
S Huntsman: 16 Keys/ 40 Refined
Elite Chaos
Crate 40 is 12 keys, Crate 30 is around 30. Widow is 7-8, Huntsman is 20-22, sapper is 12-14, Punch is 4-5, Mantreads 3-4. Stop lowballing people it's wrong.
notice how im giving pure, its called quick trading, if youve been in long enough you'd know that if someone needs some quick keys, they can rely on trades like ours for it. I dont go around offering it, people offer us. On the other hand i have 2 widows a sapper and a huntsman. I think thats enough to show that my trade is going well.
Also before you start spouting your 'opinion' on other trades, please consider the fact that this is unnecessary and rather annoying comments, and since i dont report people without a warning, consider this a warning.
Elite Chaos
Butthurt much? Also people are dumb they don't know that all these stranges are going to double in price. Also reported XD
well i cant say i didnt warn you pal
Elite Chaos
OOOOOH reporting does nothing.
yea only thing it does is accumulate the number of reports, once you overdo its a temp. ban and so on.
Elite Chaos
Ok so i'll just keep reporting you
thats nice, cause the mods are idiots right ... they decide not you.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.