10 out of fucking 10, never laughed that hard in a while, well anyways. Good luck selling that set of yours.
dafuq dit I just saw?
Hot. Fucking. Damn.
  • Kei
Best trade i've ever seen.
Two scrap and my psychiatrist's number.
My god... you really are one insane poni?
You Should have used Bussines pants for fluttershy though
And why applejack's one is Green instead of a Mann co orange or something like that... i Don't see the thinking on your coloring like Luna ... she is not Black..
Still a really crazy and pretty original collection i really like it :D
They are not surposed to be body collored, ya know. These collors fits very well.
Laundry day again? Dis ees okay
It never gets old. Plus, you hog all the machines at the laundromat. What else am I supposed to do as I wait? :P
I ain't paying you to watch them tumble around. Never gave you a single cent to do that in the past! Screw the line *gets binoculars and watches from a distance*
Jokes on you, I was inside :3
This is the best trade on outpost...
ohmergod its poet. I offer me aweseme 4 bud bp
(bout' time i found your trade randomly)
Thats... kinda... weird....
This is the worst trade
If had the buds and did this trade, would you be surprised?
My first born child for all of these.

That or when I am able to acquire $500
Jesus Christ
Just going to leave this here.
I really need to know what the desc on the velvet remedy one is.
  • JR
Oh geez.
Should... Should I approve or deny this? This is both amazing and disturbing.
  • JR
You already circled All of the Above up there. http://puu.../1CvUl
  • JR
You took my answer!
1 selfmade key (good deal)(great deal)
I may be a cheetah, but I sure love ponies
Hey you, yeah you. Stop pissing me off.
What the actual fuck. Never mind, I don't want to know.
  • AAA
You own 10% of the LV 100 Viel market. Your high ownership makes the demand, along with double tags and various paint shades make it actually reasonable considering you own enough to directly impact price. Impressive.
I approve of this. I think...
Godspeed you glorious bastard.
Best trade ever. Seriously, you should get some sort of Team Captain Burning Flames award for this.
Oh my god, bookmarked.
The shit I've seen today....
Isnt it Ditzy Doo?
also i wood like Twilight, but i dont have anythang :/
Nice collection :)!
YOU'VE FINALLY PUT THESE UP FOR SALE :D If you ever put these up for sale individually Ill buy that luna pair for $10 or equiv in keys.
What can I say, luna is a baller muthafucka. That and I had one before I THREW IT AWAY LIKE A RAG.
I..I...I will never sleep the same way again ;_;
Duhfuk? xD /)
Secret Elfin!
Not to spam (although i wouldn't be the first) but I would start to reconsider the kabuto/reggae offer since it is now proven that those strange festives will never be re-released
Not to spam (although i wouldn't be the first) but I would start to reconsider the kabuto/reggae offer since it is now proven that those strange festives will never be re-released
There's nothing to reconsider when the person who offered said it was a joke (and that it was outright rejected). They might have all the items, but planets is still ugly. :P
Okay, I didn't see the part about it being a joke, all i knew was that u were worried about the dropping price of his strange festives
According to this site
You currently own 11% of all lvl 100 veils (could be more depending on how many are clean).
I just thought it was interesting.
Well then! Also Gold Panties are best Panties. GL selling this "interesting" collection.
are you all? buds is not worth it
Well that's enough internet for me today....