[Hon Hon Hon] Baguette
AAAaaaan currently listening to offers,for the nice level 1 Bonk Helm painted 'A Deep Commitment to Purple'.
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1.33 for hard counter!
i mainly want 1.55 for it because of the odd number,but feel free to decline
ok go friend) 1.55
man,i sold it..a guy came up and offered more for it...but if we were both online,we could have done the trade :)
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I'd do 2 for the War Pig.
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Hero's hachimaki for War Pig.
ah,guess you got one "War Pig" meanwhile..enjoy, it's a nice hat :D I'm sorry for not answering you,but I was away from my computer
Au Jus Sauce
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1.33 for the helmet without a home :)
Well,i'm looking for a little more,since I consider the craft number a little more special. You may think I'm nuts,but here's what I thought about: on Jan 8th 1835, The United States national debt is 0 for the first and only time; for such a great achievement, people were so happy, that they acted as in the graduation, by throwing their hats in the air,to express joyfulness & satisfaction. But one person, oh boy, never did he know that he has lost his hat, a poor hat whose name became "The Helmet Without a Home", since throughout these years didn't manage to find himself a proper owner :( I'm the 1st person alive to spot it (see original & actual ID), and I want to find someone who'll take good care of it :)
itself*, instead of himself* :)
Oh my god are you serious
i aem :)
slavey ass
slavey ass
stahp* :P
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I'll give you a key for the Helmet Without a Home.
we have a winner :)
Tits Maguee
Be sure to thank him, if your description hadn't ended on reddit you wouldn't have that key.
no matter how this got 'featured', it was on outpost, I thought of a nice story for it,and I expected a nice price for it...there it goes
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but,huhm, where actually on reddit is it? o.O
you really shouldn't have expected a nice price for it, it's just a stupid kid who thinks he's being lolsorandom from a trade he saw on reddit, he specifically stated he would never do something like this again, and only bought it because of the fact that you made a story for it, not because it's in any way themed.
Jesus christ people, I thought it was funny and bought it. It doesn't affect you, why make such a big deal out of it?
I'm getting sick of this...yes,it was a story made up, and if anyone in any way would find it interesting or funny, and willing to pay a little more, that would be perfect for me,as a trader, to make profit. End of story. Now, as you can see, up here is a hat remaining to be sold. I don't see your comment being related to any sort of trade ?! Your comment doesn't state a price on my hat etc. There's a report button, and I shall use it in case any more butthurt comments would continue appearing,mkay?
I'll give 3 ref for that bonk helmet. :P
Just add me to discuss further, or unless you're lazy then respond. LOL
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.