•Looking for the best effect I could possible get with these 2 things. Offer only Berets!!
•If you absolutely need the Launcher, then Ill sell it to you for 2 buds, NO MORE/ NO LESS
•If you have Beret's other than planets you are also welcome to offer :P (just saying because the only offers I've gotten were on planets hehe)
•When you post, say what you'd like, son't just post what hat you have


Will be buying this weekend

C/O: 1 bud + 10 ref for Blizzardy Beret
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White Orbiting Planets Frenchmen's Beret for the Earbuds?
I'm looking for a higher effect, and on one of my other trades the guy is adding in a craft hat + the beret for the buds
Vaxillian Prime
Ja I still have stuff to add if people want to start getting feisty
Haha Ill keep you updated if someone trys to best you :D
Vaxillian Prime
Heh alright
Vaxillian Prime
How long will this be going for?
This upcoming weekend I will be buying whichever hat I feel is the best deal
Vaxillian Prime
So this is going to be going on for about a week?
Yessir, it will
Vaxillian Prime
I see... well alright
If you get a better deal and want to take that, don't worry about it. I wont hate. ELE (Everybody Love Everybody)
Jesus christ my notifications 0_o
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beret orbiting plant and fesive rocket
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orbiting planet and festive rocket
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Is this supposed to make sense?
Just making this clear, Orbiting Planets+ the Festive Rocket for a bud?
Ok, you're the new C/O :D, just incase if you haven't read it, I'll be buying this weekend
yeah np i know
26 key just for beret or a bud for beret and fesiv rocket
I dont have keys, so Ill do the original offer
Vaxillian Prime
Wow festive rocket... Im out if anything the guy going for buds is losing profit
Well not really since the hat isnt worth a bud from what I see
no is valuable at 25-26 festive rocket at 2 or 3 i dont remember
i have sell my unusual sry
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my beret for bud
From what I can tell the O. Planets is a more more valuable hat, and they are giving me better offers
eh ok
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i have a scorching flames berret painted lime looks sweet but wouldnt take this :( i like you team captain ;)
I could add about 13 refined and 1 key. But if you're not going to take this then why
did you comment
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smoking beret for both?
Are you hearing yourself
Vaxillian Prime
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Oh so it looks like the guy who outbid me sold his hat guess Im back in better chnage the C/O
Vaxillian Prime
Yea, but I forgot your offer
Vaxillian Prime
Orbiting Planets frenchmans and crafted handymans handle for 1 bud
The Acez
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Bubbling Beret- only 1 bud! :D
Hmmm, mind sending me a picture of it?
The Acez
sorry, i cant really take pictures of it, but i can show you in gam/e
Could you just put some on your profile, I dont want to tempt myself by going on tf2 since its finals week
The Acez
sorry it took so long, and sorry for its horrible quality, stuff like that, first screenshot:
No worries I just wanted to kinda wee what the effect is. Sure you'll be my C/O for a bud
The Acez
thanks! Just add me when you feel like taking it :)
Sounds good man
Just been outbid
hey i have a blizzardy beret that i could do for the rocket and i could add some craft hats or something if you need
The rocket is way too much unless you add about .66-.75 of a bud
I could add about 8 refined though
to a bud
10 and its a deal
Ok, new C/O
Ill add you in a bit
I'm not going to buy until the weekend. So please wait for a little bit :3
O ok fine with me
do you think we could do the trade today?
No, I cant
I'd be ready to do this trade now if you'd like
This post was hidden by the trade owner. frenchmans
I dont even know what you want for it
a bud
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nuts beret + 5 keys for the buds?
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i ll do a beret with g fetti
For what?
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1 bud
LOLOLOLOL, learn prices please and how to BEAT an offer, and it wouldn't hurt you to look at my C/O
Cyrus Rose
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Black Painted Orbiting Fire beret?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.