my god.
What he said ^
Am I your god? ;3
see I feel smug when I say 'selling 5 unsuals' although there cancer... you must feel unbeatable.
But I don't have a burning team captain -- yet!
moon crone is better.... rarer themed...all class.. my god you could buy 2 burning TCs here.
True story :v
Even a deity is astonished by the indescribable fantasticness of these cranium adornments.
Burning Team Captin is worth more, sad to say close second place though
Actually Burning TC is about 80 buds, this is around 100
lol ^
Burning TC 80 buds lol.
  • ben
80 buds... In fucking pure. More like 170 in items... Considering scorching KE's go for like 120 in unusuals... and burning ones go for 150.. you'd probably have to 4:1 for a burning tc.
lol burning tc 80 buds my ass.
Well, last one went for 110 straight. :D hyo bought it from rcd! >;P
Ummm, scorching ke' goes for 120? are you blem? dickered? baked>? t-virus just bought hyo's burning ke for 90.
M0rgana bought is scorch ke for 30...
I regret ever starting this^^^ At least I have a vintage big kill now if he wants to complete the awesomeness ;)
All Sushi wants is a pool filled with vodka! :)
and my ass ! :3
I just want to be a part of this conversation...
  • aud
Hi Uusi
Oh fart :-D
  • aud
1 weapon for pointy wizard hat with floating moon. Gud deal gimmi now
  • ReD
i offer vintage ass + genuine butt, but you must add 1 lazor, btw this is for the vintages
This convo ^^
Just saying.
Oh butt :D
Ujhdoeoasdn fap fap fap
Go ahead! ;3
I will offer my drills, my 10 gallon, my grimm and my stahlhelm + 400$ (no rep so i'll go first) for it?
For the buds that is
Too low M_M
Thought so, too bad I sold all my items like v medal, houwar and 11 pure for paypal just today :c
Oh sweat Jesus Mother of God...
Where? >;0000000000
Sweat Jesus Ftw.
well well well,so many scammer on the max history and little x suit you :)
MOTHER OF GOD... You are my lord...
Clean my toes, biatch!
Right away sir, anything else?
They're dirty again. And bring some kebab when you get back (if you --), rookie ;3
Sheish kebabs or lamb?
BOTH! ;0
tubby :D
me and my sisters virginity for the buds? I can also throw in my slave
Well, I'll let you two have some fun, but I'd like to have the slave! Does he/she know how to make kebab? :0
obviously. And btw, my sister is the slave (a sex slave)
But I don't want herpes. All I want is is is KEBAAAAAB!
she can eat up ur kebaaaab!
You just won TF2.
I'm still on my way to win the game!
holy crap your friends backpack but your is s pretty sweet to
I thought my having a secret crone's dome was awesome...'til this fair :'(
Crones for the win! :D
>;0 I'm not bad! My butt tastes like raisins!
Meh mine tastes like cookie dough :D
Cookie butts are so old!
This cured my cancer. How on earth did you achive all this
By being a wizard! And curing cancer is my part-time job. Still trying to learn the basics. :-3
can u cure my cancer? it would be greatly appreciated! (its unusualhatgotcheatedfromme cancer)
Perpared to get a lowball? :3

My bp for any! XD
If you sell all the buds you get for these, you can live in relative confort for 2 years without having work a single minute. "Computer gaming is a waste of time." Who said that, I want to slap somebody...
I want my house to be filled with ke-fucking-bab! M______M That's "relative comfort" :D
You can even buy the arabs who make it for you.
he can buy the arabs that give birth to the arabs who'd buy the makers of the kebab for him o.o
VERY nice hats you have there. I suggest keeping them
>;3 All I want is in rcd's backpack. ;_;
Ow my God Max vintage earbuds vintage ! SHIT OH SHIT FUCK! YOU LUCK GUY!
FUCK ME! :-3
How come all of the Vintage buds are level 10 except for yours?
10 is duped like crazy... think his a clean skin
I'll give you a dirty Force of Nature for the set.
But it's gay! ;0
My house for it.
i think a house is worth more :c
It is, trust me.
I don't want to live under Alejandro's boat M__M
Omg....very very nice C: best best best hats...
  • :o
interested in a vintage big kill ? :3
If it's cheap! :D
  • :o
what could you offer :3 :D
;3 I don't know! I could offer my lantern crone if you are able to add! :D
  • :o
I dont think i could add :c , but just how AMAZING this set would be " vintage max head + vintage ear bud + vintage big kill and the crone dome " o.o ;3
AND the Moon Buto! OMG, Very nice hats ;P
You uncrated the crone? adjasjkdhnuj123in4jknfks
I didn't! :D'
The cloudy one
HOLY $)(@)($)@#($@#)$(!#@!(#) NICE SET
all my unusuals for the crone lantern
Thanks for the offer, but it's too low. ;/ :-3 Could you check my bp and pick up some cool items for the mining light? :D
i'd rather add you to discuss, you dont seem to have normal buds :P can u add me? your friend req. list is full
Hold on!
sure np :P
this gave me a super boner
I love how almost every offer is people gawking over your items.
And also this one...
this trade is cool
100 buds. One hundred buds. One. Fucking. Hundred. Buds. *shoots self*
  • ook
are you interested in a secret merryweather/harvest cowl
I'll take them all for a scrap, but it's overpay. You would have to add sweets.
Sweet jesus, I thought I was kinda averagely rich... thanks for crushing my dreams.
Dude the kebab shop near my joint fuckin rocks, use the cash you get from these for a plane tik to melbourne and check out webb st kebabs, you'll not regret it :p
I offer 9001 KEBABS, all kinds included.
>;0 KEBAB!
Teach me your secrets
1. Kebab 2. Where's the kebab!
This is worth more than my life...
  • bae
2 kumquats and a reach-around
Donations are welcome :(
Just busted a hole in my pants.....noice job mate.
Do you want my pants? :3 I'm sorry for your loss :/
No thanks. I would rather just commando it everywhere.
Yksi miljooona vanhoia marka
Missä raha :0
Lähetin postilla on varmaan sinulla huomnenna
Congrats, you won tf2.
I din'ät x-D
OmG U haveeee ;O
no rinks! :D
Hi buddha :o.
Hi, gass ass :3
my reaction
Not sure on the lanten crones maybe a p energy bb?
  • s07
>:O Im so jelly! D:
my soul,
but seriously, I feel bad for you, cuz NOBODY can afford any of this
Hehe last trade was better...but that don't mean this isn't awesome.
  • aud
Cloudy Moon Modest for max
how many views and bookmarks?
Your trade currently has 2,807 views and 117 bookmarks.
  • ReD
Glad to be ferinds with Sushi
NA FAIR! fak u! Jk

I wish i could faking have ti(t)s!
Two family members and a liver.
Jokes aside, really awesome hats.
100 kilo kebab ! lähetä tänä mukan paljo käsikarva
O..M...G nuff said
Permission for a blowjob?
If I win the lottery i'll buy your backpack.
Good Luck! Let's eat some pizza!
Uuusiiiiiiii my burning waxy for the lantern crone domey
I wish I could afford the Cloudy Moon dome so that i could make my Gandalf set amazing ;~;
All my unusuals except moon medic and energy texas for kabuto ?:x I can always try <forever alone.jpg>
It doesn't hurt to try, buddy! :D
I think this man just won TF2.
Moon Raggaelator on the v. Buds :D
I'll give you my house and my wife
When I discovered that you unboxed that crone i jumped off my chair and I went kill my dog O:
A Kebab for all of them? Add me if interested
I lovez dem.
A titty grab! I offer a titty grab you can grab my titties!
The crones dome is worth 100 buds.

Step 1: Acquire a name tag.
Step 2: Name the crones "Pinkie Pie's Party Hat"
Step 3: Find A brony
Step 4: Sell it to the brony
Step 5: Have fun with your 200 buds!
My ghastly gibbus for the entire set, i'll buy the gift wrap
FLIES DRILL cap for max
How about vintage buds for lantern crome?
Bubbling Honcho + ANY normal weapon gifted by Seppo74 (you provide the gift wrap, of course) for all (tentative)
WHo is seppo74
not bad
scorching veil for v.bud
flies anger for the v. bud
Holy shit. I wanna see you join a server and watch people crows around you
il give u my crate 55 for ur bp :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Vintage Earbuds, 5 pure buds, Service Medal #3856, Bubbles Engie Cap and good sweets for the max
I may not even get it, but Scorching KE for Vintage Max + Buds?
Probably not. :) I'd do my max + searing flamenco + somnething for eet! :D
Well I would value it at 60 buds and your offer would be around 43 buds, by my prices anyway. So you would have to add like 16-17 buds of stuff, lol
If I actually end up getting it I'll talk to you again haha
your bp just gave me prostate cancer
one chillion dollars haha
All 13 of my unusuals
on the buds
I eat sushi... everyday muahahh >:(
  • III
Ill give you a scrap :D
my god.... what a beautiful collection :D
for your notes :)
I will just say: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAWD. Cmon mate, I am working hard to get a good backpack, but I am pretty sure I will never get to 10% of yours.

Nice hats broski.
Hi Uusi!
Hi Uusi!
Hi Uusi!
  • Wip
A vintage bud and maxs head...

Boy that is not a small amount of money...
In my country it cost about 28 millions 100 buds.
Vintage Big Kill for the Max sir?
  • aud
Why would he do that, straight downgrade ^^
Well the Macs' price is falling, worth a shot.
1 of 1 13th hour prussian
and a c bubbles hermes for da bud >:3
Thanks for the offer, buddy, but I'll pass. :( I'm trying to cash out! :)
K thanks I hope i get a pair from the other owners I really want them
secret brown bomber for the crones
u trated dat cromm 2 a bannd usser. no pls die!!! das no nice (((
That Person acted extremely rude, He wasn't a scammer. And as you see, Prassin-e is cashing out, so he doesn't really care.
Sarcasm,how do work?
;_______________; That's just dumb :D
im willin to giv u tree fiddy for teh lot
team captain circling cow for max head?
Team captains are ugly. Just give the cow to me, bitch :3
WOW, nice items
My body is ready.
Hello! My name is Ed Gein. It's a pleasure to meet you, young sir. :)
Wait, I'm not ready after all
Wait! Come back! I have cookies and milk just for you! :3
half of my dogs leg AND a rotted-out dead mouse for the bud.
the leg is pre-seasoned too :o
no one is going to buy except riches and we are being amazed like OMG WTF HOLY . :DDD
nice buds
il give you a kebab for that bud :O
You are cool.
http://www...DhVZIE thats what is worth