Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Looking for offers on these VERY fine items!

Beard Craft #12 Level 42 - Sold.

Bird Craft #15 Level 15 (Very rare) - B/o 20 keys

Clean dropped Team Captain Level 100 - B/o Sold.

So, give me your offers and good luck!
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Lovely Demo Set.. Ill be back with an offer
For now ill offer buds + bills, not sure if I want to invest in crafts
Alright. Come back anytime.
Mate, you better start coming back with a better offer. I just got a great offer on the beard.
mhmm he seems to want to pay the b/o doubt ill beat it, since im looking to buy as a set and now just an item
mhmm GL with the bird
Thank you. I heard that Ace was interested in low craft birds.
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haunted white crone dome for team captain
Wow. Are you serious?
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Finnaly Found the Beard add me i got Nice offers in items what are worth 20+Keys or i can do it with the Keys but dont sell it.
I prefer keys. I'll add you later today so we can talk.
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Purity Fist #70 for TC
Do you have any previous offers on it?
I buy it yesterday, so far I have an offer of 4 keys.
I bought*
Btw I can add a Mutton Chops Crafted.
Wow. Ehm, do you know how much this TC is worth?
Yes. Ok I think that you will want remove this offer. Np. Good luck.
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I will offer a team spirit bills for the team captain, will also add a key.
How many?
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10 keys for the bird?
Doubt it.
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Still Know dat?
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Selling my gold painted aqua flops for your Team Captain + 2 reclaimed metals.

Add me :3
I can't take this offer serious. Are you serious?
Yeah, just sold aqua for team cpt. umad /
Not really if you check das level on the Team Captain.
And actually.. I'm laughing because of your failed atempt to make me "mad" or jelous because.. You still have the flops and no TC. Just get out.
Me laugh.
umad for getting banned Scammer? Any idiot who uses that word deserves a ban, but at least this one had a dif reason behind it
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Hey, I was just wondering if you'd like to buy a Level 81 Craft #81 Lacking Moral Fiber Mask. If interested, add me.
I'm not actually interested in any other # crafts, sorry.
Corillo~ //
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Maybe i could do 15 keys for the #15 Bearded Bombardier lvl 15? Still considering, i want to hear your opinion
You mean the Bird-Man?
Corillo~ //
Oh, my fault lol yea i mean it, as i said i still consider it, propably would go lower
Aye, the problem is that I bought this for 23 keys. I don't wanna raise the price to the sky because it's craft #/level but I wouldn't go lower than 15 keys.
Corillo~ //
could you add around 8 keys for my s f knife or around 6-7 keys for my naB Samur eye ? I dont have many keys atm...
I don't deal with unusuals anymore but the knife... Hmmm.
Corillo~ //
It could take quite a bit to pay with anything else than the unusual / my knife.
How about you sell that knife?
Corillo~ //
I try, but im still considering buying a flies unusual instead, for keys i mean
<Mr Ballistic †>(:
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15 Keys on the bird
Iii.. Don't think so.
35 fps
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Carlton Banks
buying bird for genuine siberian sophisticate it is worth 3 ref
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.