Oh man!
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Inactive / Trolling
1 bud
homestuck is awesome
For a homestuck reader it really isn't an issue.
marxman for familiar fez
Holy jesus fuck.
I'd just like to say I love this collection, although unfortunately I don't have enough to make an offer.
Pay for the tags and paint that came with the shit I traded for!
Reminds me of my Sniperidan set, Got Ahab's Crosshairs on A Gen. Awp, with a Strange Bushwacka labelled Science Wand. That and a deep commitment to purple on my hats and such.
Should'a used Violet. But, wwhatever floats yer boat
The violet's a bit more Gamzee in my opinion, but that's just me.
too bad homestuck is gonna be taking a break for quite a while... ;_;
I'm ok with this hiatus to be honest, I can't wait until the adventure game.
^ nice collection, i don't know homestuck, however i never knew bleach, someone told me, still addicted. someone told me 'bout ponies. still addicted. i have to do my UTMOST best not to start watching or reading this. gl selling, sir.
Do it. Read it.
I came about just looking for a bloody Genuine Freedom Staff, and instead, found something that I will spend AGES to save up for EVERYTHING
I've sent a friend request, but I dunno if you've got it.
I'll check steameo next time I get the chance.
OK. I wanna buy ALL YOUR HS THINGS, and I also, whilst I'll be doing it, want to test yer patience. Gonna take a while for me to get all of it, so, yeah
Holding you too that ;) No but seriously I won't. NO CONTRACTS. They cause pressure and hurt people.
:o| I just hope I can get enough keys then
3,66 for zatoichi
"Just in case it isn't completely clear. I will not, under any circumstances be selling any of the items individually unless there is a huge overpay. (Overpay which will require you too cover the cost of the tags, paint and item.)"
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!