key for baby face?
2.3 for baby face?
actually 2.6
i sold it for 2 keys mate.. god luck with this lowball
13 Keys for sf Mackerel
14keys Sandvich 12keys Mackerel
Highly Noted.
Verge on selling them, but kk
1 key + 2 ref for Spy-cicle.
I can pay 1 Ref.
I can sell you my strange festive holy mackerel for 8 keys
1 key and 1 refined for S. Spy-cicle
I can do 1 Ref for Spycicle
Sorry cant do less than a key else I wont make profit :/
I understand,good luck mate!
14 keys . S.F sandwich.
8 keys mackerel
1 key for baby face
  • Yui
1 kay + 2 ref for my spy cicle
1.5 key for my cold killer?
1 key 2 rec for strange spycicle
1 key for spy-cicle
10 keys for sandvich and I'll give you a scrap too.
Best C/o so far
9 Keys + 2 Ref for Sandvich
key for bff plz
add me whenever you get chance :3
strange baby faces blaster my bad
3 Ref for my S.BabyFace
This is so lowball my stranges died just by looking at it.
Good to hear that. Not a lowball at all...
2.77 ref for spycicle