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Hello Guys!! Selling this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Team Captain, FULLY CLEAN and a nice description tag on it!! ;)

However you must read some rules before buying so we dont get into an argument, etc.
#1 - If you want to buy a set and want to discuss? Please comment here first, no matter what. We can chat on here. I will ignore all friend requests.
#2 - I dont want any other Herp Derp offers, keys and metal only! If you do post some shitty random offer/ or lowball hard you will be reported for irrelevance.
#3 - If you want to trade and im not online when you are, please dont get stressy at me, I'am not a bot so I do have a life too. If we agree on a price and you want to trade and I'm not there, just comment on my profile saying the times that you are online at, so I can try and make the trade happen.
#4 - First comes fist serves, so if a rondom guy offered the B/O before you and you are willing to overpay, thats not happeing here. A B/O is a B/O so dont go mad..
#5 - Spam/ Rude comments (Towards me/ Other traders)/ Unnecessary comments (Such as: Lol, good luck with that, etc) <--- All will be reported as irrelevance.

Here I will keep record of all Good offers, Lowbals will simply be hidden. :)

C/O - Pink Bills/
B/O - 11.5 10 Keys. Pure.

~ Flinch.
A Pink As Hell Bill's Hat?
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2keys for captain, tag means nothing to me
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Strange Sapper.
You again? No offence I take trading seriously and I dont just say, I actually do it. You on the other hand said that you were buying my hats and then deleted me? I knew you were over pricing my hats doing yourself bad thats why I was waiting for you to get online and talk and offer you more hats for your genuine robo sandwich, but you didnt even update me with your purchases.
Hey, I'm so very sorry. I sold the Sandvich (And now regret that I did) and deleted you, but forgot to update you. I'm very sorry. I should've taken your hat offer, but didn't. I'm really sorry.
You shouldnt be sorry fot not selling, its just you deleted me and never said a word. Thats in the past now dude.
shouldn't* it's* that's*
-_- Meh. Do you want to sell that sapper of your and then get back to me with the keys or are you offering just the sapper? :/
L υ ɴ ▲ τ ι K
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i pay 10 keys but i give you a buds and u give me 17 keys.
I'll get pure, but I need to wait a few days. A friend just bought the keys, so he has to wait until they're tradeable.
Keys are tradable from the day of purchase..
I meant until he's ready to trade them ALL to me, but I now have to wait a while. I had to restart my steam, and when I did, after I tried to trade it said my steam guard was disabled, adn it had to be ENABLED for 15 days. I'm on day 4 I think.
Mr mental
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I will offer the B/O, add me.
Mr mental
Retracted, sorry bout that.
Hey I have a level 69 fully clean TC, I hate to bother you but do you know what this could go for?
Depends on the buy really, if he is a collector and realy wants the hat then could probably go for 10 keys really not sure...
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.