I got some spells if you'd like, add me and we can talk.
I have a small set of around 20 vintage pyrovisions. Most contain all the collector levels just the normal levels not collected yet. Base price 4 keys for all or 14 ref. Since most of the collector levels sell from 1.33-2 ref, I think this is quite the fair deal! Here is a link if your interested : http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/7695948 Thanks and good luck =)
New lower price 3 keys and 1.66
Will you sell they key for the vintage pyro goggles?
lol you mean 1:1? haha
I got a Orange Halloween Spell?
What could I get for that?
I've added for you to discuss
Kindly look here instead for the items you want : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sagrata/inventory/
0.66 for the Spell, and 0.33 for your 3 Fall crates.
No thanks for the spell but im interested in the offer on those fall crates. Could you highten the value of the Orange spell because the stock of this is lower than the buds . Proof is here : http://stats.teamfortress.org/cat/tools
Lol I sell full spell sets, I know.
make it 0.88?
No thanks
Look @ my Crate-Trade. Got nearby 300 Crates.
i have a ful setof all 26 spells,youroffer?
Your B/O? :3
u offermy b/o?
well i added you
what for lvl 100 pyrovision?
ill give u vintage pyrovision for buds
haha fucn noob
Ill give you vintage pyrovision+scrap for 3 maxbudbills? deal?
I have 3. could you give me 2 rec
If you are ever interested again I have a full set of pyrovision goggles