Oh man!
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15 keys? is it really worth that? or is it sentimental value?
That's what I value it when Level 100 for collectors, regular levels are usually just around 2-3 keys
I think clean dropped level 100 team captains were ~20 keys before the update that made store hats clean. Now these are somewhat common, but still a great hat :)
1 l4z0r wep0n
omg y l4z0r wep0nz r bann3d u kn0w
plz no gib moni plz
no u
Purity Fist #70
You're kidding, right?
Iz guud dial.
I think you're on the wrong trading website.
This should be what you're looking for: http://www...atches :)
Thanks mate! You're right. bb
any time! :D
A clean Team Captain is worth 2 keys, not 15.
Also, level doesn't matter (As far as I'm conserned)
I'm selling it to level 100 collectors who see this level as valuable.
dude, u must be spreadsheet fan....
You posted that comment twice replying to two different people.
level 100 isn't important hurr durr, the last clean one went for a bills+ a crafted level 100 team captain (not sure if sold yet or not) is going for like 9 keys+ and that what people are offering not what the b/o is, and for whoever says levels don't matter to people bitch please have you seen some of these hats/weps/ or unusuals?! over priced or not people know that people will pay more for levels 100 included
dude, u must be spreadsheet fan....
Spreadsheeters, spreadsheeters everywhere..
no i don't use spreadsheet. just going off of personal experience
i don't know if you guys understand what i'm saying. I'm saying that people pay more for level 100s especially for one that goes for more than what spreadsheet "says"
and jupiter you offered(?)2 keys and then said that thats what the hat goes for regardless of level and you really wanna say "Spreadsheeters, spreadsheeters everywhere.."?
>tfw spreadsheet doesn't give prices for individual levels