• Completed
9 Keys and 10 Keys Respectively.

Notes to be kept in mind:
- If any items are involved (even if partially pure payment), overpayment is necessary.
- Unusual Offers will have to be quicksells ONLY as I am not sitting here looking pretty, waiting to pay buyouts =P
- Another B/O would be 2:1 with a SF Sniper Rifle OR S Machine (w/ some nice s parts)
- DO NOT OFFER GAMES UNLESS ITS FOR $30+ ON SALE (i.e dont offer at all unless youre an idiot)
- DO NOT ADD ME unless youre paying 10 keys.
- Have a Good Day!
✪ W4R13R
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both bills for bmoc?
why should i overpay for something i can get for 15 keys ...
✪ W4R13R
because bmoc is not worth 15 keys..
well i didnt mention its worth i mentioned i can easily get it for 15k atm.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.