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can you post a screenshot?
will do
Do you know why the spell hasn't expired? Because I find this quite interesting.
there's a way to add the spells now apparently
I can offer a bmoc and some minor sweets.

And how it was painted: get a idle account and trade over the paint while your other account is in-game, and you can paint anything with halloween paint. Its pretty cool
thanks for the offer i'll keep it in mind
okay, good luck trading. Keep me posted
Will the paint last for 2 weeks or permanently?
should last forever unless valve fixes it, honestly i'm not sure
I believe it is permanenlty (and by that I mean until the next holiday event
but wouldnt it disseaper when you trade it?
nope it stays :] i've traded it
You sir/madam have the most epic hat ever sorry if im taking up space but i just wanted to say this is perfect you have won the internet good luck
Thanks a ton, I appreciate it :D
no prob its the least i could do
i had some paint on my heros tail at one point, i didnt realise the value, and sold it for 3.66. :/
feels bad man
yep. :/ oh well good luck!
thanks :]