please don't call me a nub, but may i ask why this wep is going for this much?(im just curious)
I'll give you my backpack for it. PLEASE.
Why such a high price?
You havent explained anywhere on here, were all just curious.
its a piss take guys
Please, Im Dying to Know What's So Good About This Item! Is It Just Because You Can't Buy Uncraftable Stuff Anymore? Cause That Would Be Stupid If It Was ...
Weapons Bought From The Store Are Still Uncraftable And Why Do You Type In All Caps Like This?
I feel that it is my responsibility to say that in my opinion this is a joke. The offers of a max head is from a guy who has been friends with the seller for weeks. And the first time this item was put up for auction the same guy offering the max head offered and it was proven to be a joke. So everyone in disbelief can rest in peace.