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B/O would be 90 buds

C/O =
V.Max + Sparkle Luger + 5 buds
Secret Front Runner + Secret Anger + 3 buds + bills + essentials + Planets Tc + Blizz Tc + Stormy AA

Hats im interested in :

Burning Tyrants
Burning Spartan
Burning Houndog
Burning Tough Guy's Toque
Sunbeams Beak
Burning Beak
Burning Hustlers Hallmark
Burning Bicorne

If you can get me 5 of the hats listed above + stuff, I would be a lot more interested
Also comment here before you add me

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Alstoncys l
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V max + sparkle luger
Alstoncys l
V max + sparkle luger
c/o but it wont be enough
the dude
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level 31 - halloween on october 31st this is good stuff right here. most expensive hat in the game and an amazing level to make it even more sexy. good luck selling
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saw this one get unboxed by a guy called k/d perry :o
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.