HelenAngel ♥
Fully tradable copy of Left 4 Dead 2 for metal OR craftable hats (but preferably metal). I'm looking for at least 12 ref, hoping for around 18 ref but it seems that is a lot of metal and a lot of people don't just have that much. I'm trying to craft a gift for someone.

SteamRep: http://steamrep.com/index.php?id=helenangel
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Would you accept an untradable copy of L4D2 plus 2 refined or the untradable L4D2 plus a steam key for The Ball ($20 game) for your tradable copy? I'm looking to trade mine, but can't wait for a month for it to become tradable.

Hank the Tank
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7 Keys for it?
sTronG ? ®™
4 keys for l4d2
give u taunt schadenfreud + dr whoa + whiff of brimstone + sandviche safe
LOL 20 ref? Let's see left 4 dead is 20 bucks, with 20 bucks you could get 8 ish keys, and keys come at 2.44 ref a pop (2 ref, 1 rec, and 1 scrap) so that's 19.52 metals total. SO YOU'RE RIPPING US OFF LOL.
But I'd rather just buy it, or get it CHEAPER from someone else who has it, than waste metal on this.
ill give you 5 keys for it ^^ i see it goin around for 4-5 all the time
HelenAngel ♥
I'm so sorry, I'm not trying to rip anyone off. =( I wasn't sure how much metal it went for so using the refined metal price of $.60 I was trying to price it cheaper than the game was on Steam. =(
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i'll give you left 4 dead 1 and 4 ref for it
HelenAngel ♥
No thank you, I don't need L4D at all. But thank you for the offer! =)
To all of you talking smack:

Refined is as low as $0.35 on SourceOP, hence OP here is asking for $7.00 for a $20 game.

Learn some manners, kids.
HelenAngel ♥
Thank you. =) I was trying to make sure I offered it for lower than the game sold for on Steam with the coupons- otherwise why not just buy it from the store? I wanted the metal to craft a birthday present for someone. =(
while I agree partially on that statement, $0.35 per ref is really not the right number, you got it so so so wrong this time... 20 ref is around $12
oh and yes, 12 ref is around 5+ keys which is about the market price
The Seldom Seen Kid
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Y 20? With a -50% off valve coupon shouldn't it be 10?
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Orange box for L4D2
Bunny Ears
i offer apparitions aspect (sheet 7-8) and items totalling 6~ish ref (Stranges Nade, Strange Knife, some more stranges) tell me if you accept! Have a nice day =)
Uncraft TC + Killing Floor game + 2 sweets uncraft's hat
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or i can offer Serious Sam 3BFE for L4D2
css = l4d2
Tokio 뚜두뚜두
Hey, i don't have metal but i have quite a few miscs / hats. Let me know if you want to work something out.
dod:s+sequence i can add metal
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.