Oh man!
This trade was closed by [GIRL] Baloo at 16:18:44 on August 17th, 2015 with the following reason:
Violation of Main Rule #2: No insults.

Using the accepted offer button against its intended purpose and instead to indicate a "Hall of Shame" is considered a violation of this rule as you are publicly shaming someone which is not allowed.
Have you not had a single serious offer yet? I'll offer 1 bud on the set.
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"This is a completed set, and it's Level 1, and it looks pretty damned spiffy. I've been offered multiple unusual offers in the past, mostly on the individual pieces."
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"It will take some serious cheddar for me to break apart from this set, let alone any of the individual pieces. Offer wisely."
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Been offered a Massed Flies Festive Tree on the Fist alone, 3 low-tier unusuals for the uncompleted set, and the guy who's looking for the Level 1 Nano was willing to pay the better end of 7 buds for it, but I think he started cashing out recently.
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I paid more for the Company Man alone than your offer.
Jesus Christ, ok, just I didn't see a c/o and mainly posted this here as a placeholder, sheeeeeeeesh. o.o
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I don't put up C/O's because they aren't accepted, or even remotely considered.
I doubt you haven't even "remotely considered" a single offer yet, and there was no need for you to react in this way. i was very interested, that is all.
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I don't take lowballs kindly. I say in the beginning, "please be well educated on these items." Most of the Level 1 Hat items on the market (or that were on the market) sold between 10 keys to 3 buds. And those are individual hats.
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Most of the weapons have been on prices ranging from 1-8 keys. Even at the lowest possible price, ignoring the 1 of 1 qualities of most of the hats, the set would be a solid 1.5 buds. I value this set closer to 15-20 buds.
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Lowest price being 10 keys for each hat, and 1 key for each weapon.
:l I was interested in making a serious offer, and mainly posted that as a placeholder for later reference as I have already mentioned. I don't need a lecture on the price either thank you, I am fully aware of the rarity and pricing. I was not expecting to buy the full set for 1 bud.
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Then just say "Going to offer later with a fair offer," instead of making me think you're a lowballing ass.
I posted 1 quick thing from my tablet, as I was unable to bookmark it on there. :P Whatever man.
i trade ?
Hey, I sold you that short circuit :). Sad to see these offers...
Nice set, row. I have one of my own http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/10847919
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That Whiff. I neeeeeed it.
would you entertain an offer of a nuts veil?
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Probably for only 1 of the hats. Items like the Level 1 Dr. Whoa and the Level 1 All-Father had offers breaching 2-3 buds. I value my Deus Ex Hats similarly.
fair enough, personally i dont see myself doing that much, thanks for the consideration tho, guess ill bm and watch how this plays out for a bit :)
Stupid, added, told what i wanted to buy, he deletes me, -rep
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You don't even know what the value of my item is. I bet you were gonna offer 2 refined.
I'm laughing my ass off at the wall of shame. THOSE LOWBALLS!
Are you after more?
All of your traders are bullshit, none of these items are rare. They are quite common, I found atleast a dose of lvl 1 or lvl 100 hats.
Prove it? I unno
I can't. I sold most of them for bp.tf prices. They don't value more. This is just a bullshit. This guy thinks it rare, he is an idiot, just like everyone else who think it's rare that he value them that high...
This is pathetic.
saying the guy who sell "Hello! I'm selling this Time Dropped Lvl 99 Flying Guillotine. Offer bellow or add me. Please no lowballing like 1 scrap or such."
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/14499393 :X dat banned doing stupid things
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"This user has been banned permanently by Blue Screen of Dea†h. The reason for this ban is as follows: Banned by Valve."
Dam, this set is nice deus ex is one of my favorite games,

And sorry for not offering I just really wanted to, after seeing that you closed the ketche trade.

(You have too many nice things)
my 2 unusuals plus 4 keys for the noba
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thanks for the offer but no. wouldn't separate the nano for something that low
ok no problem just hoping to keep some of the low baller's away
Apologies for more spam, but I just have to get this off my chest. I completely understand the reason for your so called "rudeness". It's a pain in the ass when you have rare items that nobody understands the value of. Sure they're worth a lot, but it's always hard to get decent offers, and ever red marker on your trade gets your hopes up, just to see some idiot offering 1 refined for your weapon.

Apologies again for not having an offer, but best of luck selling this set for what it's worth, the Dues promos are some of the best items in the game, and this set is as close as you can get to the glitched vintage varieties of other promos.