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I have haunted bat outta hell. I am looking for any of the new normal festives that you don't need.

Here's my price of a bat: 1.33

Festive Holy Mackerel 1 ref
Festive Axtinguisher 1 ref
Festive Buff Banner 1 ref
Festive Sandvich 1 ref
Festive Ubersaw 1 ref
Festive Frontier Justice 1.66 ref
Festive Huntsman 2 ref
Festive Ambassador 1.33 ref
Festive Grenade Launcher 1.66 ref
freedom of death
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freedom of death
for Festive Axetinguisher*
you will need to add one ref
Paco Mojito
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Festive Buff Banner + a rec for one of your bat outta hell. add me.
freedom of death
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no thanks since I'd have to resell.
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Festive buff banner
Blood and Bone
I have a festive buff banner added you
1.33 on the bat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.