hi add me on steam i have sniper jarate and scattergun :D
I got a strange shotgun with crit kills and something else kills for 7 keys or a bills :D
i got a strange knife
4 ref for shotgun?
ref for strange knife? or 2 rec 2 scrap?
4 ref for shotgun
i sell shotgun for 1 key and 4 scrap metal :3
added for shotgun
1.88 bushwacka
1.88 bushwacka
added. got bushwacka
i got another bushwacka if u need it
kniff with engenier kill to 2 ref
I'll sell you my Strange Sandman for 2 ref. Add me if you agree~
Well Atleast he's not buying stranges for 1 scrap
add me
I have a sandman, added
i have a strange sniper,added
already bought shotgun ?
Still buying.
so added
1.88 for sandman?
I'll sell you a Strange Escape Plan for 1.33 ref.
added for sandman
Added for Knife.
If you can you can add me and buy my strange sniper when you buy it again :)
i have a strange part on my scattergun its scouts killed so 2.33
what do you give me for strange detonator
Not interested.
2.66 for s. escape plan w/ low health kills?
added for Strange bushwaka or add me
added for shotgun
I have a Strange Sandman for 3.44, your price.
Add me.
Added for sandman.
I have the change now....
added sandman
Added for Bushwank
Got a scatter for you
3 ref for escape plan
i have the equalizer
add em
I've got a strange sniper rifle if you're still looking
I have bushwacka
added i have Knife
2 ref for sandman
selling strange shotgun adde u.
add me for sandman
Added for sandman 4 ref
added - bushwacka
Added- escape plan
added for escape plan
i have a shotty
1.33 for S.kinfe?Add me :)
How much you pay for a strange scattergun with strange part heavies killed?
I''ll sell ya an escape plan if your still looking for one
Added for the Strange Sniper Rifle.
hey i have some stuff i want to sell
added for sniper.
I have Sniper Rifle for trade.
will u add more metal if there is a strange part(dominations) in the knife
strange sniper with domination kills and long distance kills for 1 key! saves you ref
added for bushwacka
still need a bush? i could make it cheaper?
added for bushwacka
Added for knife
added for knife
add me if buying a strange shotty for 2key :)
I'll sell you the shotgun for your given price. add me
i selling a s.sniper w/headshots part for 2 keys
1.66 for S.knife?
I have scattergun add and trade me
added i ahve strange shotgun
Added to sell a knife
i have a sniper rilfe with a long distance kills part.
i can sell for maybe 2.44
added for sniper
I hav a scattergun with nametag, add me if u ever need one
flare gun 1 key
bush 2.66
If you ever start buying it again, i'd like to sell you my strange jarate
added for sniper rifle
4 ref for bushwacka and scattergun
Sniper Rifle -2 refined

Scattergun - 1 refined
add me
Added for Sniper
hm, i have strange Neon Annihilator, want it? ...
Hello, I am selling my strange sniper rifle with three very rare parts, Headshot kills, longrange kills & Kills under full moon for 2 keys. Valued at three keys, add me if interested =)
Added for Sandman.
knife with strange part: Domination kills for 1 key + 2 ref
S> strange jarate for 0.66 ref
Selling This S.Scattergun with parts : Engineers killed and Revenges For 3.33 REF
Selling a sniper rifle
added for s.shotgun
3 Ref for Sniper with Pyros killed.
Add me, got a Strange Scatter
Wiil I have extra pay for the strange part?
S sniper rifle with dominations for 8ref.Add me if interested.
add me I have scatter
added for s.knife
added for s.scatter
added for sniper
2 ref for strange knife
Shotgun - 1 key + 6 ref?
Added for Scattergun
strange sniper rifle w/ strange part "sniper killed" 1key + 1 ref
Yo i got Strange Jarate
Strange Killstreak Escape Plan Specialized for 3 keys ?
I've got a strange knife for you, accept my request.
Im Sell Starnge Knife With 2 Strange part For 1 key 2 ref (Price Check 2 key 4 ref)
I can give you a Knife for 3 ref
I know you just want a strange but...

I'm selling my Strange Killstreak Sniper Rifle "innO" - with Strange Part: Domination Kills - 4 keys
Strange Killstreak Natascha for 1 Key & 5 Ref.

do u pay extra for parts?
how much will u pay for Agonizing Emerald Killstreak Strange Shotgun
add me plz for strange shotgun
S.sniper W Headshot kills and kills with full health
1.2 keys
how about Strange killstreak shotgun for 2keys?
Spec KS Shotgun Strange 5 keys or offer
Are you still buying S.Jarate?
Not a fair trade he is offering 19.32 for 22.98 a strange shotgun is worth a key
continuing the knife is worth 3 the bushwacka is worth 3 all and all he is trying to make a pretty large profit of 3 ref
I've got a strange scattergun with strange part domination kills (2 keys for part alone), will sell for 8 refined
  • NiK
Add 1 ref for KS on rifle?
added for bush and escape plan
7 ref for my strange killstreak scattergun
I got a scattergun with scouts killed and soldiers killed combined worth over 1 key, I could sell it to you for 4.33 ref?
I got a Strange Killstreak Scattergun 6 ref for that?
selling a prokillstreak with parts
shotgun lol
Added for Knife
I can do 2.22 for my Strange knife?
I have Bushwacka
I'll sell you a strange shotgun for 1 key
I'll give you a strange shotgun for 6 ref
added for knife
i have a strange shotgun but with robot destoryed part
Sniper 3 Ref?
have strange shotgun for key, it has nametag
Update your prices m8, the shotgun is one key now
11 Refined for my shotgun (Strange)
how much would you pay for a strange scattergun with snipers killed parts attached? looking for 2 keys